Nintendo Wii: Sega Reveals Stunning Sonic And The Secret Rings Box Art


Those of you looking for a divine sense of unparalleled speed, and enigmatic adventuring on your Wii should look no further than Sega’s latest addition to its impenetrable Sonic franchise.

Sega have finally decided to disclose the final box art for the much lauded title, which undeniably looks set to take back the spiky blue hedgehogs platforming crown after a long running patch of adverse mediocrity.



  1. I still wish it was Sonic Wildfire though…

    Sonic Wildfire was infinity cooler.

    I hope this game is fun. Seems like it… but those damn trailer/previews are so overrated sometimes! (think ps3! heh!)

    Who can forget those blatant Tekken renders that Sony were trying to pass off as in-game ;)

  2. Tekken… how about 99.9% of their games! That is one of the reasons why I hate Sony, especially with their PS2. Every time they would annouce a game (Grand Turismo 1-4, Metal Gear) everyone would be in awe over the stunning graphics. Then once you play the actual game, you get motion sickness because of the shitty graphics and the constant blur. I swear I cannot play any PS2 car games! Not even NFS! My eyes get all crosseyed and sh#t!

    Roooooooooooooooooooarrrrrrrrrr! >-)

  3. I really hope this game clears up the whole in 3D Sonic’s life. I did admitidly like SAB2, becuase of the huge amount of depth, the dodgy soundtrack, cheesyness and the amazing Chao feature. It controlled like rubbish though, and Tails/Robotnic, Knucles/Rouge but were prety lame htough.

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