Nintendo Wii: Zelda Fastest Selling Launch Title Since Mario 64


It’s been confirmed by none other than Perrin Kaplan, Nintendo Of America’s VP of marketing and corporate affairs that Zelda; The Twilight Princess is the best selling launch title since Mario 64.

Speaking rather excitably to IGN about Nintendo’s milestone achievement, Kaplan stated that Twilight Princess sales for the Wii have topped an undeniably inspiring million units in the America’s.

This monumental sales figure inevitably showcases just how relevant Nintendo’s key franchise is to both established gamers, and the vast array of fresh faces prevalant in the gaming scene today.



  1. I don’t believe that for a second! =-p

    Well, I’ve heard that the Wii version alone has sold over one million copies (that’s not even counting the more “popular” Gamecube version). Imagine what that number would’ve been like if the Wii was more widely available!

    By the way, I recently converted about 7 PS3 fanboys to join our “cult” Sickr. Anyway, great post. Keep up the good work.

    I also convinced 3/4 of them to buy the Wii! I’m so great.

  2. Absolutely superb. :D

    And yet, my preordered copy of Twilight Princess *still* sits on my shelf, desperate for a Wii to put it in. Hopefully I’ll be able to get one once I return from Florida at the beginning of March, which is incidentally just before the PS3s start rolling. Eek.

  3. Hey Ryan it’s great to hear from you :)

    As you know I’m a fan of your blog, any news on an update? How’s the new project rolling?

  4. At the moment it’s on hold until after I return from Florida towards the beginning of March, at which point it’ll start to come together.

    It’s largely been delayed since I began a job at a website design/development company in Nottingham in November (not by coincidence when Folded was meant to launch), which needless to say has been eating up my time and also into my desire to do the stuff outside of work.

    However, now I’ve been at it for almost four months I’m pretty much over that initial system shock and am using the internet a lot more again. I still keep up with all my feeds at work and home but just haven’t felt able to commit to a reasonably demanding project until the last few weeks.

    Don’t worry though, she’s still coming — I’m very happy to hear you’re still interested! :))

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