Nintendo Wii: Metroid Prime Corruption Delayed Again?


Rumours appear to be mounting suggesting that the eagerly awaited Metroid Prime 3 could well be delayed for the umpteenth time.

The speculation comes as Nintendo continuously avoids the inevitable questioning of a release date for the first-rate title, with many gaming publications suggesting another unfortunate delay.



  1. u mean delayed to Q2 right? cause that was already set i think… any ways i guess the game is gonna e AWESOME as soon as it comes out cause Reggienator gave a hint on online play. AWESOME stuff!! and there’s so many 3rd party games coming out during that period so we will be with our hands full til then.

  2. good thing i got ur friend code sickr!! :D i doubt that u’lll only be able to use online play through codes, cause the ds was like that then some games like Mario Kart don’t need friend codes for Wi-fi connection. i reckon also if they had some connection with MP:H for the ds and the wii game… that would be SICK!! its not far fetched considering that they’re doing that for the Pkm game… this makes me salivate…

  3. I can’t take this anymore! If they are delaying for online play then I can deal with it. Hell, if they are delaying it to make the game completely badass then I’m all for it. I just need more games to play on my Wii!! Here’s to Super Paper Mario in April!

  4. Here’s to Super Paper Mario in April!

    It’s an absolute tragedy that the Wii isn’t region free, as I’m sure us Europeans will have to wait for what will seem like a lifetime for the game to arrive on these shores :(

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