Nintendo Wii: Japanese Only Games To Appear On Wii Virtual Console


Finally it could be seen that Nintendo are opening up to the possibility of allowing gamers the chance to delve into classic Japanese video games via the Wii Virtual Console.

George Harrison, Nintendo senior Vice President speaking to influential technology/gadget blog, Wired divulged this golden nugget of previously unspoken information;

“We are aware that there are some very successful Japanese franchises that have a small following in the US, and that they could never be reached by putting these products out at retail. We’re open to games released in Japan if we can get them translated properly.”



  1. Nintendo would be doing gamers a big disservice if they didn’t allow gamers to experience many of the Japanese SNES, NES and N64 gamnes that went unreleased in the US or UK…

  2. guys, earthbound is coming for the Wii.. its called Mother 3 i guess. reginator gave an interview on it. of course it will be in 3D. B_E_A_U_T_I_F_U_L!!!

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