Nintendo Wii: Wii Continues To Trounce The Competition


Market research firm NPD have announced that the Nintendo Wii was the best selling video gaming system in the United States during February 2007.

Sales for the innovative games console reached an unprecedented 335,000 units, whilst in comparison Sony’s PlayStation 3 only managed to shift 127,000 units.

Microsoft’s Xbox 360 console also continued to trail in the wake of the Wii, with consumers snapping up a moderate 228,000 units, placing it as the second best selling games console in February.



  1. I do love how you post your images, square and on the left. Very nice and neat. The colors and layout are also very Wii-appropriate.

    Wii doesn’t have pull-away numbers yet. If you compare, Wii has actually sold at a slower rate than the GameCube did in its early timeframe. Plus, think about this: Wii is about half as much (give or take) as each other system, and it’s still not selling at the rate it should be (if we go by popular internet opinion). What would numbers be like if Wii were $300 or $400 and everything else was the same? I wonder.

  2. rolan I think you show your fanboy side. throw out all the excuses you want but fact is wii is in the lead. I think its safe to say that wii is easly out selling compared to the gc as most people then were more intersted in the xbox and ps2 which were selling like hot cakes.

    I find it funny when console fanboys make excuses when a system is losing or isnt in the lead.which I think you are doing at first it was wii wont hold a candle to the xbox 360/ps3 then it was the remote is a novelty it wont last,now its what your saying. Just accept the fact that the wii is selling because its a good console because guess what? thats what sells consoles.

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