Nintendo Wii: Nights Is Confirmed For Wii


In a momentous turn of events, Sega and Nintendo have confirmed that a new instalment of the revered Nights franchise is set to make its more-than-welcomed début on the Wii.

Although an influx of rumours relating to the flying protagonist have been inadvertently doing the rounds since the Wii’s inception, nothing has been confirmed until now.



  1. yeah heard that too… is the game any good? what genre is it? oh and how’s the console sales over tere sickr? (Wii, PS3, 360)

  2. The original Nights is nothing less than sublime. I urge you all to at least check it out :) Console sales are good, I’m working the PlayStation 3 midnight launch tomorrow which should hopefully be entertaining. Xbox 360 sales have been healthy, and as expected the Wii is still a nightmare to get hold of :P

  3. thats good to see sales are going well, for nintendo that is ;) anyways, i think ninty is stocking up to release it all at once during the PS3 hype…lets wait and see…

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