Nintendo Wii: Exclusive Metroid Prime 3 Information Revealed!


Play magazine recently got the exclusive chance to go hands-on with the latest build of the eagerly awaited Metroid Prime: Corruption. Judging from the numerous highlights listed by the respected gaming magazine below, it appears as though we’re in for more than a treat…

  • First level – You are attacked on a spaceship while meeting with the ship’s captain…action packed.
  • Play feels motion controls work better than dual joystick
  • Super sensitive pointer in “advanced” mode
  • Beam stacking ala Super Metroid
  • Visor switch: Hold minus and flick Wiimote in certain directions
  • Boss fight with Ridley at the end of the first level. Excellent difficulty curve by the time you reach the boss.
  • Back tracking in MP3:C makes more sense than in previous Primes
  • Extra development time was to give the game more polish. Nintendo wanted “Twilight Princess” levels of polish. Game is focused on Metroid fans and hardcore gamers, but still accessible to newcomers due to controls.
  • Second level – floating city focused on exploration
  • Larger environments, bloom lighting, better textures than Prime 2
  • Corruption Mode not available in demo
  • Play says it could be the biggest revolution in FPS gaming since Halo.



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