Nintendo Wii: Resident Evil Zero Not Wanted In The West

resident evil zero artwork

Capcom’s spokesperson Christian Svensson has revealed that the forthcoming Resident Evil Zero won’t actually be receiving a release here in the West.

Svenson blames this somewhat unusual decision on fans reactions when the game was initially announced, whilst also taking into consideration that there are numerous copies of the original Gamecube version floating around on eBay.



  1. LISTEN i am a true resident evil fan and i’m so desperate to play this brilliant masterpiece called resident evil zero wii edition and i’d really like the idea of mine for capcom to release a resident evil trilogy wii edition with re1 to 3 with the graphics and gameplay like resident evil 4 wii edition.this will become an instant smash hit with the gamers,me especially.don’t pull this masterpiece away from me because i live in england and i read the comment about NOT being released in the west but i’m so anxious to play it.well i hope my idea gets put into action soon.also i’d like to see my name put at the end of the trilogy saying something like”idea suggested by shandor richard hahn”sort of thing.well that is all i got to say.thank you

  2. also before i go capcom released the wii version of resident evil 4 why not this game,it’s not because there are too many versions of zero on ebay but so are re4,infact if this game shouldn’t been released in the uk then nor should have the re4 wii edition.capcom started the wii franchise they should not back out now from international releases.i have never played zero on gamecube but this one on the wii has set my sights on this game.just listen to the fans.

    i reckon i have to get a forum going about this so called game called resident evil zero wii edition.

    maybe capcom will get the message.bye

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