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Nintendo Wii: Super Mario RPG Hitting Japan Next Week

Super Mario RPG has been officially dated for a June 24th release in Japan.

Whilst the world awaits confirmations of when other territories can expect to receive this undeniably classic title, Japan are set to re-experience its adorably quirky charm June 24th.


5 thoughts on “Nintendo Wii: Super Mario RPG Hitting Japan Next Week”

  1. so i emailed NOA asking them if and when they were gonna release SMRPG in N.A and to complain about the lack of good titles on the VC, and the response i got back stated that there were currently NO PLANS TO RELEASE IT IN N.A! So I say Nintendo can suck a dick, the wii doesn’t have very many good games, and as was seen at E3’09 no plans to release anything good anytime in the near future, the wii is just a gimmick and i’ll be trading in for an xbox 360

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