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Nintendo Wii: Play Announces Pikmin 3 Release Date?

Whilst we know Nintendo are hard at work on the future iteration of the popular Pikmin franchise we’re still no closer to knowing when we will actually see it, thankfully could have solved that niggling issue with the game pre-listed on their website as arriving March 27th 2009.


42 thoughts on “Nintendo Wii: Play Announces Pikmin 3 Release Date?”

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    1. Unfortunately no word as of yet on Pikmin 3 release date, though the enhanced New Play Control Pikmin (essentially a Wiimake of the original) is scheduled for a February release.

  2. At E3 2008 they said they’re “making pikmin”, in other words pikmin 3 is coming out and you’re wrong.

  3. Really stupid this was not Pikmin 3, it is New play control shit. Don’t you think at E3 this would be a big deal because ths is a beloved franchise


  5. Pikmin is so Cute!Please Shigiru Miyamoto Make Pikmin 3!PLEASE!!!!!Well I have a Idea for it Dark Pikmin:Wont die at night when you leave it behind.

  6. I have descried that a vicinity of pikmin three has persisted to be going approximately three years now I regard, seeing how they have never beget a pikmin three for game cube with a minutest of a two year window to beget another one that and their climatic game being eight years ago that the people who beget the game are abdicated or deceased. The pikmin for wii would not be difficile to beget and can be done by any professional with equipment all he has to do is copy and paste only and only modulating the controls.

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