Nintendo Wii: Nintendo Wii 2 Estimated To Arrive In 2010


Online gaming publication, Gameplayer, have feverishly speculated that they expect the successor to the Wii to arrive at some point during 2010. Whilst Nintendo have been rather quiet over the issue, it does genuinely make sense to see the next iteration of the console arrive around that allotted time frame



  1. If there is a Wii 2, it should definitely have a DVD and Blu Ray player, and a bigger hard drive so it can compete with the other systems that will be coming out. Also we should see improvements in the infrared sensor bar and wiimotes so it will recognize smaller motions more easily and accurately.
    Before any new versions of the Wii come out, I anticipate that there will be more highly interactive games with peripherals due to the success of the Wii fit.

  2. I’d imagine the technology behind such a console is in the forefront of Nintendo’s mind. They’ve accepted and proven that the public are willing to shell out on new products if they prove intuitive and user friendly enough, also not forgetting come attached with a family friendly great price point. I can’t wait to see whether they stick with the tried and tested formula with the Wii, or totally take play scheme to a completely new level.

  3. Nintendo won’t release Wii 2 in 2010… They can be creating prototypes, but with WiiMotionPlus they won’t release it soon ^^

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