Nintendo: Nintendo Trademarks New Pokemon Games


Nintendo have successfully secured numerous combinations of names for future iterations of the immensely popular Pokemon franchise.

Whilst it’s not entirely unusual for Nintendo to cover their bases by purchasing excessive batches of trademarks, I’d hazard a guess that more than a couple of these will transpire to future titles in the long-running series:

  • Nalaku
  • PiCOPiCT
  • WiiGoldenHandle
  • DS Directional Sensor Card
  • Asoberu Ehon/Tobida Sugoroku
  • Pokemon Red
  • Pokemon Green
  • Pokemon Blue
  • Pokemon Yellow
  • Pokemon Black
  • Pokemon Brown
  • Pokemon White
  • Pokemon Gray
  • Pokemon Scarlet
  • Pokemon Purple
  • Pokemon Crimson
  • Pokemon Scarlet



  1. They’re just staking their intellectual properties which is a standard procedure for a company such as Nintendo.

    *BTW check your email :)*

  2. re-plied. XD
    but seriously, Nintendo doesn’t have the money to be doing this. With a depression around the corner, kids are gonna have to learn to deal without a new Pokemon game every 1-2 years.

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