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Nintendo DSi – Gamestop Taking Nintendo DSi Pre-orders


Confirmation regarding the release date for Nintendo’s forthcoming DSi was announced today, with Nintendo announcing it’ll finally be releasing the long-awaited console in the United States, April 5th.

Not to be left out in the cold, Gamestop, the popular American video games retailer, has announced today that it’s starting to take pre-orders for the  Nintendo DSi  from tomorrow. The shiny new unit will cost you $25 to pre-order, and will apparently guarantee you a console on the day of release.


3 thoughts on “Nintendo DSi – Gamestop Taking Nintendo DSi Pre-orders”

  1. DSi only games = buying DSi. With that variable in mind, Buying DSi + economic depression = people resorting to r0m5 and 3mul4t0r5. :/ Foolish Nintendo. Leading to their own downfall. -.-

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