Nintendo: Official Nintendo Magazine Reveals Best Nintendo Game Ever


With an extensive back catalogue of ground-breaking and innovative titles you’d be extremely hard pressed to find the ideal candidate for best Nintendo game ever. Well, it appears as though the Official Nintendo Magazine has found exactly just that, as it names the platforming delights of Super Mario Bros as its best Nintendo game ever.



  1. I have to agree. There’s a reason why one of the top cell-phone ringtones of all time is the SMB theme. I still need to download the original SMB into my Wii Console. I have SMB2, and while cool, it’s just not the same.

  2. This is good stuff guys. I agree, Super Mario Bros Rocks! Thinking about buying a Wii soon. Has anyone found a Wii Bundle with the Shaun White snowboard game included? I heard this game is awesome!!! Thanks.

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