Nintendo Wii: Nintendo State Important New Title Coming


Whilst Wii sales have decreased 17% in the US, Nintendo reiterates that they have an important title in the pipeline.

Nintendo are set to unleash a brand new title in hope it’ll dramatically boost Wii sales. Whilst the Wii is easily performing the strongest out of all three next generation consoles, the recently released confirmation that there’s been a 17% decrease in hardware sales will have them pinning their hopes on an exclusive new Wii title to reverse their fortunes.



  1. Huh?!? This is a change for Nintendo to be so preemptive in it’s hype anouncments. Aparently they are very proud of this new ip they have and are eagerdly wanting to talk about it. As for slips in hardware sales I atribute that to the effects of the ressesion rather than cooling of interest.

  2. They’re certainly very confident regarding what they’re going to show off at E3. I just hope it’s a resounding success and not another Wii Music.

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