Nintendo Wii: Reggie Continues To Bring The Hype For E3 2009


Nintendo of America President, Reggie Fils-Aime, has started the E3 hype train rolling by promising sneak peaks at ‘key titles’ at this years event in Los Angeles.

E3 brings a wide variety of key audiences into contact with products from many companies, including Nintendo. It’s the place where creativity is on display, and as a ‘sneak peak’ for our entire industry it helps generate excitement for gamers around the world.



  1. Now that Reggie and company have decided to onslaught our senses with magical delight this E3, its time the consumers of said delicious treats put up or shut up.Please join me in this banquet!

  2. ok so help me if the ONLY “sneak peek” is a new Pikmin game, lord shoot me now!! sorry but ive always hated the games!! and olimar pisses me off in smash bros!! lol
    but before the shooting begins let me clarify i said ONLY!!!
    if they announce a new mario or zelda or pokemon game along with a pikmin announcement, then ill rejoice and completely forget about pikmin!!! hah

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