Nintendo: Another Nintendo Press Conference After E3?


Rumours are circulating that Nintendo plans to hold another press conference after this years E3 event in Los Angeles.

The event, which is speculated to take place in Japan, could put a serious damper on what Nintendo decides to announce at this years E3 conference. The company did a similar event last year after E3 in which it revealed the Nintendo DSi to an unsuspecting audience. Does this mean another lacklustre presentation from Nintendo in the vein of last years E3? We will have to wait and see.



  1. As long as it’s not too far away from E3. XD Since there will be (theoretically) two conferences, I think some definite previews would be for Wii Sports 2, Zelda : ? (Wii), a better preview of Zelda: Spirit Tracks, and maybe even Wii HD.

  2. Nintendo has stated before, along with many other companies, that E3 is losing its importance and that they have been reevaluating what E3 will become to them as far as game announcements, etc. It doesn’t surprise me that they are waiting to unveil big projects later. Especially since they recently had their first month being out sold by PS 3 in the counsel wars. Waiting till after E3 allows them time to trump the what Sony and Microsoft roll out on stage.

  3. I think It’s best to find out about E3 first and see if this year confereance will be appealing for me. If not, I’ll wait til October. Looking forward to this year’s E3 and see if there’s anything cool for my Wii and 360.

  4. @ Sympull – but if they had anything important to announce by this point, they would’ve done it by now. Also, even if they don’t decide to use E3 to showcase new products, we have the speculation of the other showcase event for Nintendo.

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