Nintendo Wii: Miyamoto Says Video Games Need Controllers


Shigeru Miyamoto still remains unconvinced by Microsoft’s attempt to woo gamers with a motion sensing camera.

Whilst Microsoft’s Project Natal does away with controllers completely, Shigeru Miyamoto believes video games need the feedback and precision of a control pad to feel like your truly interacting with your console.

As someone who thinks of things from the perspective of creating interactive experiences, I really think that you do need something (to hold in your hand). I don’t think as a creator that I could create an experience that truly feels interactive if you don’t have something to hold in your hand, if you don’t have something like force feedback that you can feel from the controller. That’s why I think the Wii remote, particularly with Wii MotionPlus, makes for such a strong experience.

– Shigeru Miyamoto



  1. Well, he can’t really be scared…

    The PS2 went through this camera stage, and it didn’t do much for them. :/

    Microsoft is just trying it out like Sony did before. ^^

  2. Project Natal is going to change gaming as much as the sony eye toy.
    Not at all.
    What kind of major game can you play with Natal? mini games and party games at best.
    Wii is having enough trouble attracting 3rd party games that are not mini game rubbish, Microsoft and Sony will have the same problem if they get rid of controllers.

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