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Nintendo Wii: Modern Warfare 2 Wii Speculation Continues


Rumours have been circulating for what seems like a lifetime regarding Modern Warfare 2 for Nintendo Wii. Now an Australian gaming store has started taking pre-orders for the unannounced Wii version.

Not only is there a custom-made pre-order box present in-store, but the store itself has begun taking official pre-orders for the eagerly awaited title which has yet to be officially confirmed by Infinity Ward for Wii.


7 thoughts on “Nintendo Wii: Modern Warfare 2 Wii Speculation Continues”

    1. well they better….. f they dont make mw2 WII there would be some serious complaints….. and yeah im pretty sure cod 5 wii made more then 360 and ps3 so haha lol….. if they dont make it ima ganna get mad

  1. well now that theyre taking pre-orders, they should release it for the wii because alot of people… would be kinda upset.

  2. They would be stupid not too make a wii version call of duty 5 made more money off wii players than xbox and ps3 players combined im guessing it was the zapper that did it…

    1. The reason was that CoD 5 sucked and Wii gamers jumped on it because “OMG CoD FOR WII FINALLY WE GET SOMETHING XBAWKS AN PS3 HAS” but yet again it looked like shit.

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