Nintendo Wii: Red Steel 2 Sadly Delayed Until 2010


Unfortunately it appears as though we won’t be seeing the fantastic looking Red Steel 2 until sometime early next year.

Ubisoft have just announced their latest sales report which tragically states that Red Steel 2 for the Nintendo Wii won’t be available to consumers until the last quarter of the company’s current fiscal year. This means that we should see the eagerly awaited first person title released between January – March 2010.



  1. Let me see here soo what games are the hardcore gamers of Wii suppose to play then in 2009?? hmm.. We got Super Smash Brothers Brawl with the lagy most horrible unplayable online ever know to man kind! Not only that the 2 minute only random matches are garbage considering 85% or more people play stock matches for a reason so its not a Ike fest every match! How ever I love Brawl I give it a 9.11/10 but OMG if it only had the same flawless online as Mario Kart Wii I would’nt be here right now I’d would be glued to my Brawl 24/7!

    So Nintendo what are you going to do to fix the online for Brawl and what should I buy since theres no games I want right now because IM NOT FAT NOR A CASUAL GAMER! I’m looking forward to Tatsunoko Vs Capcom and Metroid the other M but other then that I have no use for my Nintedo Wii and I’ve had it since launch date.



  2. Lol, that is ridiculous. Yet another game that people look forward to, delayed until next year. I’d rather it be delayed and all the bugs worked out, then having it released early and it being buggy trash though. So I guess all the Wii fans looking for some hardcore action will just need to wait.

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