Nintendo Wii: Nintendo Aren’t Cutting Planning Price Cuts


Denise Kaigler, Vice President of Corporate Affairs for Nintendo of America, has informed the gaming industry that Nintendo aren’t planning to cut their prices.

“Our focus has always been on creating fun and engaging game-play experiences,” said Kaigler. “Because of that focus, Wii has been the best-selling video game system in the United States for two years and counting.”

“It offers the most fun and the best value for consumers. Wii can be played by every member of the family the moment it comes out of the box. It’s the only console that offers the option of precision motion controls right now, with the Wii MotionPlus accessory. And Nintendo systems are the only place you can play new and classic Nintendo franchises.”

“Wii games that will be on people’s lists through the holidays include Wii Sports Resort, Metroid Prime: Trilogy, Wii Fit Plus and New Super Mario Bros. Wii. Nintendo offers something for everyone.”

– Denise Kaigler, Vice President of Corporate Affairs for Nintendo of America



  1. Wow Nintendo, bad move. Your system, as great as it is, cannot hold a candle to one complete with a bluray player. Dumb move.

  2. Its all business if you knew anything about how to run one. Nintendo is still the top selling console on the market around the world and has completely dominated Japan. When Nintendo sees a drop in sales that is below 360 and PS3 then they will drop the price. Right now its a matter of how much money they can get at the set price before it sales start to drop.

  3. I LOVE Nintendo, but I must agree that that was a bad choice. They don’t need to pull a sony cut it more than 100$! they should cut the price about 50$ to retaliate microsoft and sony. Thats what I would do.

  4. Excuse me Nintendo, but this is a very bad idea. You need to reconsider this. Your more powerful rivals are around the same price as you. The Xbox 360 Arcade version is even less then the Wii and the Elite version of Xbox 360 and Playstation 3 Slim 120GB only cost $50 less then the Wii. If they make one more price cut of more then $50, the Wii will be the most expensive console on the market. Not only that, sales will start to plummet, no matter how good the games are and they’ll lose, again.

    Nintendo, don’t be stupid. Make a price cut, your system needs it.

    1. I honestly don’t think this is a bad move…
      The games for the 360 and PS3 aren’t even near family friendly and they don’t even attract people who don’t like video games, except the games for 360 and PS3 scare non-gamers away.

      Nintendo did mention in E3 that they are aiming for EVERYONE. Not for the Nintendo fans, not for “hardcore” gamers but towards those who didn’t even dare to touch the controllers. I find that idea the best market idea.

      It’s been working with my sister, her friends, my friends, and everywhere else. Even senior centers have a Wii to have old people play.
      The games for the 360 and PS3 have many people say, “That’s too violent” “None of the games are good for my child” and so on and so forth. The only “safe” video games for those two systems are like only the lame party games and etc.

      The 360 and the PS3 slim may defeat the Wii in price but I personally don’t think they are doing the wrong move.

      Besides…this is an experiment. If it goes wrong, then they learn their lesson. if the Wii sales go down, then they will do what it takes to lower the prices or anything.

      Right now, if I were to have a kid of my own I would prefer to let him/her play Mario games and such instead of teaching him/her how to shoot guns, swing swords, and kill people…

      I know… “teach their kids not to do such stuff”. There’s that… but kids will learn more things than people thought they will.

  5. Gotta say there is no reason to cut the price until sales go down.

    Nintendo have sold more Wiis than the other 2 rivals combined. They took and underpowered, underspeced machine with what people saw as a gimmick controller and revolutionized and saved the gaming industry.

    ‘Hardcore Gamers’ don’t spend enough to keep the industry afloat. You need the casual gamer, the kid who gets Wii games for his birthday..

    I was always one to get the console I wanted games for, I had a NES, Mega Drive(Genesis), Playstation, Game Boy, Game Boy Advance, Playstation 2, DS Lite, got a PC for pc gaming, and then the currrent gen came out with nothing that inspired me, until I saw Mario Galaxy.

    So I have a Wii and a DS Lite (which being even weaker than the wii, has sold more than the 3 main games combined) and have no desire to get PS3 or Xbox. There is nothing on them, blue ray player included, that could part me with my cash.

    Keep it up Nintendo, don’t screw up Mario Galaxy 2 and Mario Wii, and you will continue to dominate

  6. This wouldn’t be the first time that Nintendo has shot themselves in the foot. Back when the Sega Genesis came out Nintendo was confident their 8-bit NES would still be king. Boy were they wrong and spent the next 20 years playing catch up.

  7. They need to act like they’re not afraid of what the 360 and PS3 have to offer. If Wii can still have the best sales without a price drop it will become truly immortalized. They can’t back down with a drop in price. If the Wii really is the best of this generation than Nintendo will prove it.

  8. Nintendo is not that dumb and they like to gamble a bit… who could blame them? They have been mistaken before in the N64 and Gamecube (sorry Joe Blow, but Sega Genesis vs Super Nintendo, nah… I don’t think sega won), but they have hit a massive jackpot in the current generation, even though the harware was underpowered. The biggest witness to that is that Sony and Microsoft are going with motion control, but don’t forget one thing: the wiimote is the main part of the Wii… and Natal and Arc are going to be accessories! That means you are going to already own a PS3 or and XBOX 360 to buy those things (are they going to be cheap? Nah… I don’t think so) or else, you’ll have to by the console and de accessories! Casual gamers are not going to like burning all that money at once, simply because they don’t care about HD and hardcore gamers… if they ever gave a rat’s butt about motion control both PS3 and XBOX 360 would be buried 6 ft under.
    Besides… who said that Nintendo is not up to something new? There is many speculation about a new hardware by the big N next year with HD output and who knows whatelse.
    PS: They can decide to cut the price if things get dim along the way… but Mario Galaxy 2, Metroid the other M and a new Zelda title???? That is enough to blow the Wii’s sail this year!
    See ya

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