Nintendo Wii: Wii Horoscope Channel Launching Tomorrow


Nintendo Wii users will soon be able to check their horoscopes thanks to the Today and Tomorrow channel.

The channel will be available for free download tomorrow in Europe and will allow gamers to check the channel for their daily horoscopes.

Up to six people can register their Mii’s and date of birth. Your fortune will be broken down into five categories; love, work, study, communications and money. Today and Tomorrow will also give you hints on relationships, lifestyle advice and even suggestions on what you should be eating.



    1. I agree, there are way too many impractical channels already available. I find a horoscope channel about as useful as a channel that allows me to see how many purple unicorns are in my neighborhood.

  1. This is a good idea,
    Nintendo are pandering to people who like to read the horoscopes in the newspaper, its just a bit of fun.
    You don’t want it? Don’t download it.

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