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Nintendo DSi LL: Nintendo Reveal The New Nintendo DSi LL


Nintendo revealed its next iteration of the Nintendo DSi titled the DSi LL at its press event in Tokyo today.

The newly announced portable gaming console features a 4.2″ screen and will be available for purchase in Japan, November 21st. The DSi LL will be available in Dark Brown, Wine Red and Natural White. It will also come pre-bundled with three DSiWare titles.

The redesign comes at the request of customers who said they wanted a larger screen, and the screen is a 93 percent increase over the DS Lite’s screen size — the number of pixels is the same, however. The DSi LL is geared for those who want to use their Nintendo handheld for internet and as a music player as the larger screen is able to display letters and characters in a bigger font.


Update: The DSi LL will arrive in North America and Europe in the first quarter of 2010.

16 thoughts on “Nintendo DSi LL: Nintendo Reveal The New Nintendo DSi LL”

  1. I would never want to be seen in public with this or any nintendo ds for that matter. And the lack of games for my taste.

    I mean damn look at that pen, fucking huge ass screen not needed when you can’t even watch movies on it.
    Do old people even playing nintendo ds games?

    1. dude….the PSP has bigger screens…
      yeah you can watch movies in it but how come I see people with HUGE t.v.s for their Gameboy players and such?

  2. I have know there are several people complain that the current DS is too tiny for certainly condition like loss eyes. I guess. *shurg*

    I’m happy with my original DSi. It been since my DS phat cracked.

  3. Your ignorance and stupidity annoys me. Yes “old” people play DS games. my mom is a huge fan of Animal Crossing the Brain Age games. I notice she always holds the screen close up to her face. I think the DSi LL would really help.

  4. Having a DS in hand is nothing embarrasing, I assure you! Personally, I love the idea of a larger screen, even though I’d prefer it to display more pixels rather than enlarge them to fit the 4.2” screen. Also, I haven’t seen the camera specifications anywhere yet. Obviously, nothing’s changed as far as their resolution is concerned.

  5. i love that its 4.2 ive been seening 42 everywhere lately

    honestly i need to still obtain my own ds and will be getting the original dsi. i still have good eyes so i would not need the LL or the XL as it will be called here

  6. same number of pixels? what’s the point of a bigger screen then? WTF Nintendo?! And now that this thing is the size of a small television, is it going to have a gba slot, video and picture downloads, or the ability to film using the camera? No, no, and no. This is a total waste unless you don’t have a DSi, and even then, it’s so big and bulky, you’re probably better off with the original DSi.

  7. hm, Probably the DSi XL is just for those who have Vision problems. But it seems a little oversized. probably just fine for the right person, though.

    It’d be cool if it gets the GBA slot back along with SD card and other stuff still.

  8. I dont see why some of you insist the DSi is just the Same as the DS and DSLight. The DSi has 16 MB of RAM (four times as much as previous models)The DSi has two ARM architecture CPUs; ARM9 and ARM7. The main CPU is clocked at 133 MHz (previous models are clocked at 33 MHz) Plus not to mention the DSi Shop and Built in Cameras. The DSi and DSXL are both far more powerful than the DS and DSlight

  9. I just got my metallic pink Nintendo PS. My mum gave it to me as a bday gift. That was really sweet! I am now downloading lots of games. Thanks

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