Nintendo: Iwata Says Majora’s Mask Was A Turning Point For Nintendo

Satoru Iwata, president and CEO of Nintendo, has cited the critically acclaimed Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask as a major turning point for Nintendo in terms of games design.

“Back then we were given a glimpse of the concept that deep, compact play is one form of the games of the future. I think in that sense, as a product, Majora’s Mask was a big turning point for Nintendo,”

– Satoru Iwata, president of Nintendo




  1. What??? Majora Mask??? Ok it was a great game but Ocarina of Time is the big changer not only for Nintendo but for all gaming industry… What is hapening on the head of this people? Does he knows the history of gaming industry and does he know the products he sells? Some times I really dont understand this people.


  2. I agree. IMHO M’sM > OoT.
    It just… shines. It’s awesome. Some people absolutely hate it and call it a scar on the Zelda series, but that just makes it even better.
    +1 to my favourite Zelda.


  3. Majora’s Mask was an epic success, and frankly, Rodolfo, I don’t know where you get off saying Iwata doesn’t know about the industry.

    Everyone praises OoT for it’s turning point; 3D graphics. Don’t get me wrong, it’s a great stride, but did the game have any feel to it? Was there any emotion?

    This is what Nintendo does. They come out with a game, and then on the same engine, make a game that adds everything they wanted to put in the original, but didn’t have the technology to do at the time.

    Ocarina of Time —> Majora’s Mask

    Added: Tons of collectables; emotion within the characters

    Super Mario Galaxy –> Super Mario Galaxy 2

    Added: More power-ups; the ability to ride Yoshi

    Phantom Hourglass –> Spirit Tracks

    Added: Instrument (wind pipes); better graphical layouts (possibly more, I haven’t played the game yet)


  4. I don’t want to sound weird or anything.

    But what’s with all this news about the head guys saying how this game was so good ect 10+ years after it was released. When we already knew it was a great game…

    Kinda seems just attention grabbing.


    1. Perhaps he is hinting that the new Zelda for the Wii will be a sequel or a spiritual sequel
      I mean, TP was a total tribute to OoT with so many shared elements and a similar feel. Perhaps they’re trying to recreate the feeling of MM in the new Zelda.


  5. I always like majora’s mask better than ocarina of time, because the replay value of Majora’s Mask was so ridiculously high with the three different days, the tons of masks (especially the last mask) the worlds, the overall design.

    Yes, I did hate the game while trying to finish some of the dungeons and having to mind the time limit, but once that was done it was great roaming the world after drinking the special LonLon milk.

    The last battle was a bit disappointing, but I don’t think OoT’s final battle will ever be bettered. That was some epic stuff with the two Ganon fights!


  6. My favorite video game is legend of zelda. here are some LoZ easter eggs:
    MM: cut down a sign then play the song of healing beside it, it’ll fix itself.
    MM: look on the mask salesmans back, their is a Mario mask.
    OoT: after you see Zelda the 1st time facing the same way as Zelda in the left window there are pictures of Mario, Luigi, Peach, and Bowser.
    OoT: in the LonLon ranch, Talon, his bolo tie is a pic of Bowser.
    OoT: Talon and Ingo in the LonLon ranch, resemble Mario and Luigi.(Talon is Mario, Ingo Luigi.)

    “MM” means Majora’s Mask, “OoT” means Ocarina of time, and “LoZ” means Legend of Zelda.


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