Nintendo Wii: Nintendo Announce The Last Story, A New RPG From Mistwalker

Nintendo have revealed that they’re publishing the latest RPG from the critically acclaimed studio, Mistwalker.

The Last Story, which Nintendo calls a “full-scaled RPG,” will be released for Wii this year. It is the next creation of Mistwalker, the role-playing game development studio started in 2004 by Final Fantasy creator Hironobu Sakaguchi. More information on the game will be available in March, according to the official site.



  1. THAT’S WHAT’S-UP!!! I love to see a good RPG (assuming this’ll be good and well polished) on a Nintendo system. Makes my day for the couple of months that’ll take for me to complete the game. :D

  2. Between this, arc rise fantasia, and monado im very excited for my Wii this year. Already started great with tatsunoko and no more heroes 2!!

  3. The system’s official name is just “Wii”, not “Nintendo Wii”.

    Calling the Wii “Nintendo Wii” is as incorrect as calling the MacBook Pro the “Apple Macintosh Notebook Profesional”.

    And yes this is very, very awesome news.

  4. Fingers crossed this is awesome. Final Fantasy have been getting sillier and less fun recently (X was the last good game of the main series)
    I’d love if my main character wasn’t a blond boy with no top on, lots of belts and who looks like a little girl!

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