Nintendo DS: Nintendo Patents Handheld Rumble-Stylus System

Nintendo have registered a much-sought-after handheld rumble-stylus system for a portable gaming device.

Whilst Nintendo have attempted to integrate a rumble system into a handheld gaming device, it hasn’t succeeded in creating a solution to give players substantial physical feedback when playing on a portable device.

A game apparatus includes an LCD, and a touch panel is placed on a top surface of the LCD. A player instructs an enemy character displayed on the LCD by use of a stick to attack the enemy character. For example, in a case that the enemy character exists at a depth of a game screen, little damage is applied to the enemy character, and a weak vibration is applied to the game apparatus. Conversely, in a case that the enemy character exists at a front of the game screen, much damage is applied to the character, and a strong vibration is applied to the game apparatus. In either case, the vibrations are transmitted to the fingers or hands of the payer via the stick.

– Nintendo patent



  1. This sounds very cool. However, I wonder how they’re going to do it? If it’s the stylus that vibrates, wouldn’t it require some sort of battery? If so, how much bigger would the battery make the stylus? Also, would the battery somehow recharge while it’s in it’s little slot, or would we need to change it, or even the entire stylus, whenever it dies?


  2. I can see them making it a stand alone stylus, and then being able to plug it into the system so it receives the power and signal for the feedback (much like the Nintendo DS Rumble Pack).

  3. Fingers crossed it is able to fit this into a DS size stylus, and that it will charge itself from the DS2 battery while the stylus is sitting in its slot.

    Sounds like it could be cool, but it will have to be done right to be worth it.

  4. Hey if this means the stylus would be connected to the DS via some sort of cord, it would be impossible to lose or drop those little things ever again!

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