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Nintendo Officially Announce The DS Successor: The Nintendo 3DS

Nintendo have officially announced that that the successor to the Nintendo DS system is a 3D capable version of the popular hand-held but neglects the need for 3D glasses and is titled the Nintendo 3DS.

Whilst the company didn’t reveal too much regarding the specifics of the hardware itself, apparently leaving the details to E3, the company have stated that the new hand-held will be released sometime during Nintendo’s next financial year (April 2010 – March 2011).

– The Nintendo 3DS, will be released sometime during Nintendo’s next financial year (Apr 2010 – March 2011).

– It will be capable of producing 3D graphics, without the need for 3D glasses.

– The 3DS will be backwards compatible with the entire line of Nintendo DS products.

– It will be properly revealed during the E3 trade show in Los Angles, which will take place in June.

– Nintendo 3DS


53 thoughts on “Nintendo Officially Announce The DS Successor: The Nintendo 3DS”

    Thats gonna be the coolest thing ever , I want it NOW NOW NOW NOW
    I cant wait for the next E3.. the new zelda , the new pikmin, the new 3DS..!!
    Its gonna be the best one EVER… yet :D

  2. wow… I was not expecting that (the 3D aspect that is…)
    I may be getting this after all… good thing I skipped out getting DSi and DSiXL :-P

  3. haha Sony is destroyed :D They thought they were going to dominate the 3D era, but here is Nintendo with a 3D portable that you don’t need glasses for. No one can say Nintendo doesn’t care about graphics anymore.

    1. Thats has nothing to do with the graphics that “hardcore” players talk about, it will be 3d, but certainly will not have graphics close to HD, but it is a new way to bet on graphics and i bet that will interfere a lot on gameplay that on graphics.

      Now my big problem,i hv a ds and a wii, so now i get this or the x360?

      1. The Nintendo 3DS does have HD graphics. The top screen has a 16:9 ratio and 720p resolution. The 3D abilities of the Nintendo 3DS won’t interfere with game-play because the Nintendo 3DS has an option to reduce its 3D intensity or turn it off altogether if desired.

  4. They should have called it the virtual boy 2 now that would have been cool. I love how nintendo are pushing the games industry all the time its a shame Sony and Microsoft are not so ingenious.

    1. The 3DS has nothing to do with Virtual Reality. Nintendo would be foolish to name a new system after Nintendo’s greatest failure, a failure so colossal that it actually indirectly lead to the untimely death of it’s inventor.

  5. Could this mean a possible Castlevania 3D? Oh man can’t wait. I hope it improves graphics to or is it just putting 3D on top regular Ds graphics. Hmmm just have to wait and see.

    1. There were rumours that it would graphically be in-line with the Gamecube. But we obviously won’t know anything regarding the 3DS’s graphical capability’s until E3 in June.

      1. The Nintendo 3DS should have power comparable to the GameCube. The GameBoy Color was as powerful as the NES, the GameBoy Advance was as powerful as the SNES, the Nintendo DS is as powerful as the N64, so the Nintendo 3DS should be as powerful as the GameCube. Probably, the Nintendo 3DS’s successor will be about as powerful as the Nintendo Wii.

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  7. So let’s re-cap.

    Super Mario Galaxy 2
    New Zelda Title
    Metroid Other M
    Pikmin 3

    All in one god damn year?!

    1. You know what would be sick? If they launch killer instinct on the virtual console. That would be the cherry on top.

    2. Not to forget about Monster Hunter 3 and a potential The Sim 3 for the Wii. The Sims 3 maybe to be announced, but these two along with the 3DS are my holy grails to have from Nintendo systems.

      …finally an actual reason to play online with the Wii.

  8. So those new cartridges everyone was talking about WAS for the new DS! I knew it!

    I cannot freakin’ wait for E3 now! I want to see this thing!

  9. Holy fuck dude! So getting this for my b-day!Screw all Playstaion lovers who said Nintendo didn’t care about graphics! Guess you didn’t see a 3D HAND-HELD COMING, DID YOU?!

  10. Wow! I might actually buy this. How is it even possible to have 3d games without the glasses?

    I can’t wait to find out more about this. Way to go Nintendo!

    1. Yeah, I saw that. Before any goes “FOOTAGE OF THE 3DS?!?!?!” it’s just footage of the 3D part implemented on the DSi. It’s actually pretty awesome.

  11. why does nintendo keep making new things?? im tired of it–i was soo excited for the dsi so i bought it even tho our family had very little money…few fucking months later, a dsiXL comes out—WTF! now this fucking “3DSi” (ooh very creative with the name) is gonna come out–what am i gonna do now? it just sucks..i wish they would focus on making fucking decent games for the ds and wii instead of making completly new stuff that would probably be obsolete in a few months…

    1. Lmao. I must say the Wii has like a houundred years on market. I got mine obe year ago and I’ll still go to enjoy a lot of new titles this year. But I understand how you feel, well there’s always eBay, sell your old DS and you’ll get the new obe cheaper… Oh, and you’ll still be able to play old DS games in the 3DS.

    2. I’ve come to expect that there will be constant updating and re-working of Nintendo handhelds. Goes back to GBC I believe.

      As FinalstarmanDX said if I get Mother 1-3, a stronger set of games that would actually encourage wireless play, and scrap the need for me to have to round up FCs and just implement like a DS lobby or some sort of listing with related FCs for your game (seriously dollars go into developing and advertising upgraded consoles and accessories yet I still have to go on my Wii or computer to hunt for FC’s)

      …then I totally welcome this new DS.

  12. Wow!!! How can that be possible? A 3D portable game with no glasses? I’m imagining a little box where you can see 3D environents… Or maybe a hologram??? Oh man…

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  16. hi there wow if it could play 3D movies on sd cards becuase you can get sdhc cards up to 64 gb or sdxc cards up to 64 gb sd cards and dvd movies are only need 4.7 gb

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  18. I’ve heard that the 3DS will use a Nvidia Tegra graphics card! Isn’t that cool! I’m kind of bummed that the bottom screen will be smaller than the DS lite’s bottom screen, though. Do you know if is it true that the Nintendo 3DS will have a multi-touch screen and a GPS?

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