Nintendo DS: Next Pokémon Game Revealed Along with Screens

Nintendo have decided to lift the lid on the fifth generation of Pokémon, titled Pokémon Black and Pokémon White.

Whilst Nintendo haven’t released any screenshots of the recently revealed title, a reader of Japanese magazine CoroCoro has thankfully decided to leak the magazine screens onto the internet for all to see.




  1. Hmm….ok. So THAT’S not revolutionary. Lol, certainly wasn’t expecting much as far as graphics though. What are the changes that Pokemon will have new soundbytes?? We NEED that.

  2. finally, they built a new engine for the game. It was getting old having the same engine from Diamond/Pearl/Platinum used for HG/SS.

    Also, it looks like it’ll be on DS, because of the same style graphics

  3. Well they seem to be utilizing the 3D more. There’s a few more shots, one of which has a city with gigantic skyscrapers from different perspective than the usual top down view. Not really liking the character sprite though.

  4. They are using 3D in battles they leak one pic with the 2 new Pokémon havin’ a battle nd looks good!! nd SUPER difernt!! cnt wait to have this game =)

  5. I seriously can’t believe this is only the 5th generation of pokemon. How many total are they up to now? I mean, if you catch ’em all? Or do they drop pokemon from title to title? Sorry, Diglet, you didn’t make the cut this year.

  6. “can’t wait to see what dumb fucking creatures they made this time”

    ^ no one’s forcing you to play this dumb fucking game.

  7. :D can’t wait! i also hope that a few pokemon *cough rattata bedoof cough* disappeared and won’t be found again

  8. you know… if the game actually has graphics that are too tiny to the ds screen it might worsen my eyes, in fact whoever will be playing black/white might have the same results as worsening their own eyes to such tiny figures like looking for an item behind an object like a tree.

  9. keep in mind this is still in it’s development stages, pending testing. Once we have the Japanese release, then we’ll see how tiny the characters are. Who knows, they might zoom the camera in more.

  10. I like what little I’ve seen from the screen shots. Now if they make the token “big city” in the game an actual big city. Everytime you go to a big city it’s never really that impressive, just a tad bigger and more stuff than the rest of the towns.

    …maybe have where trainers you encounter ingame actually challenge gym leaders instead of it seeming like you and your rival are the only two actually fighting the leaders. I always get the feeling someone at GameFreak have all these great, franchise expanding ideas to make it a different experience and that one guys says “Hey now, you’re rocking the boat!”

  11. I guess they ran out of gems/stones/minerals to referr to as the titles? God.. Gold-Silver-Crystal-Emerald-Sapphire-Ruby-Pearl-Diamond-Platinum.

    Why not Pokemon Orihalcon? Or Pokemon Amethyst?

    Either way I’m glad they’ve gone back to the COLOURS! GO RED/BLUE/YELLOW! These games are gonna be good just because of that. I know it.

    1. I like that. Pokemon Amethyst. We’ll probably see that within a couple of years.

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