Nintendo Wii: Nintendo Wants To Simplify The New Zelda For Wii

Shigeru Miyamoto has clearly stated to gaming press that the forthcoming Legend of Zelda title for the Wii will include a simplified control scheme.

He also suggested that the integral gameplay of the series will become more intuitive to enable the company to reach out to more casual gamers.

“For us, it is important to optimise gameplay and make the controls easier. We do our best to make the controls player friendly, since Zelda has become complicated.”

“For us, two things are important: to meet expectations and to surprise people. How we do it this time, I will not reveal.”

– Shigeru Miyamoto



  1. No, no, no, no, nooooooooooooo!!!!!!!! AAAAAAAAAAAA! WHY?! Why did they have to do that to my favourite game series? They don’t need to reach out to casual gamers! Casual gamers don’t care! They’ll play anything! Why?!

  2. This is what I want this to mean: “We are making the controls use no motion sensing.”
    What I hope this doesn’t mean is: “We are giving you less items and turning it into a wimpy beat-em-up game, simultaneously pissing off anyone who likes Zelda and ruining our franchise.”

  3. maybe go back to windwaker and twillight princess for GC controls? thoose were good Nintendo.

  4. Casual gamers already have 95 percent of the games on this console. Please leave some games for me.

  5. please dont do something stupid, just do another history, same or better graphics than twillight, a bit more dificult or wit 2 levels, (normal and hard)

    right now simple means, bad and just another game from garage.
    I trust you will do an great game

  6. NOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!! WHY!?!?! WHY NINTENDO!?!?! You may finally put the last nail in your own coffin and lose your entire hardcore fan base with this blunder. Soon the casual gamers will move on and then you will have no one to buy your next console…..

  7. hopefully they will just make an option for easy or normal. i doubt it, but if they just make this game extremely lame i will sell my wii. what other reason is there to have one?

  8. this is really upsetting to me because since the start of the zelda franchise it has been meant to be played by the hardcore gamers out there. now your trying to reach it out to casual gamers? zelda has NEVER and i repeat NEVER has been or will be a casual game….up until now? your trying to make the zelda games not as complicated? ZELDA HAS ALWAYS BEEN COMPLICATED THATS WHY PEOPLE PLAY THE GAMES its a challenging puzzling experience and us zelda fans dont want that taken away..pleassse we just want the hardcore zelda we’ve been playing for years, not this.

  9. Is this seriously the future of Nintendo? The Legend Of Zelda is my favourite franchise, Sonic is my second. Sega almost screwed up Sonic, I’m begging you not to go down the same road.

  10. You guys do realize he said that the “controls” would be simplified, not the game, right? Every game should aim to have simple controls. It should be the content, the puzzles, the abstracts that should be difficult, not the controls.

    Controls should never get in the way of a game. That’s all he’s saying.

  11. interestin, but i feel da same way as da majority. I hope that the controls are not that watered down that, easy I get a great challenge from Zelda.

  12. DAMN, just give me the OPTION to use a Gamecube controller!! HOW hard is it?

    Lets not make it too too simple for the Casuals now.

  13. ^exactly. The only way they’ll appeal to every demographic is if they make multiple control schemes.

  14. None of you is getting it, are you?

    Simpler controls are not the same thing as “easier”. The simplest controls of them all where those in old systems such as the NES – 1 d-pad, 2 buttons.
    Still, some of those games were, and still are, the hardest of them all.

    The latest Zelda games *do* require the player to use a lot of different combinations that CAN be merged and simplified – for example, shaking the nunchuk can lead to different results depending on what item you’re equipped with and so on. It’s just a matter of elegant design. It doesn’t mean Link’s arsenal will be drastically reduced or whatever.

    In fact, the DS games had already showed this – you can simplify a lot just by changing the general interface without sacrificing variety or the game’s internal logic and complexity.


    and for the “OH NOES THE CASUALS NINTENDO ARE BELONG TO US”, the only thing I’ll say is – if you label yourself a “hardcore” player, you’re deluded marketing fodder at best and an idiot at worst. No escape from that. Those who play, play. Those who define themselves by what and how they play are not actually gamers.

  15. nononononononononononono!!!!!!!! keep it the way it is!!! if you want simple controlls play somthing like the DS, supernintedo or the gamecube.. no the Wii! the point of the wii is to make games more interesting!!
    Miyamoto: NO!

  16. I read it differently than most of you guys. He said the controls will be simplified, not the game. They did a good job simplifying the controls for both DS Zelda games. I don’t see why this will be a bad thing. Sure, they could mess it up badly, but this is Nintendo. Do you really think they will risk breaking one of their flagship franchises?

  17. ^they DID acknowledge the fact that this is a new kind of Zelda. Based on the descriptions we’ve gotten so far, it seems to be very experimental in many different aspects (graphics, gameplay, game flow, controls, etc.)

  18. …Oh god. So Nintendo is FINALLY creating its next blockbuster title, especially crafted for Wii, enabling better EVERYTHING than its previous titles, and then they decide to SIMPLIFY IT ???

    I mean… do the guys at the Nintendo not realize how big thing the Zelda-series is? It’s like the Final Fantasy of Nintendo or something, it has some big potential! Hell, minus all the DS titles, Zelda’s have been rather hardcore-oriented in their style, thus appealing to actual GAMERS.

    If I were leading this thing (fact that I’m not could only be a good thing in some cases) , I’d make this Zelda again something similar to the OoT-MM-TP, expand it through the ceiling and make it a bit more mature and fine-tune it to the max. What would we have at hand? A game that would probably end up attracting regular gamers to buy Wii, which in the end could also increase the sales of some already released Wii-games later on. And the fact that fans would be over-joyed. TP had many good features, but the story and especially characters ended up way too simple and underwhelming towards the end, no matter how LotR-feel it gave in the beginning.

  19. … Notice how the people at nintendo life ON the article that this one gave to us have a different recation than most of you guys. Probably because they didn’t say anything about casuals, and neither did Miyamoto, using NI as the source.

    1. Why would you think they are simplifying already excessively simple controls if they weren’t trying to appeal to a wider audience? The buzz around the game via patented trademarks from 2009 is that it’s going to be a fairly radical re-haul of the series. Regardless, I’m sure it’ll be everything we asked for and more

  20. Who wants to bet most or not half of the people complaining about the next Zelda being “ruined” and “watered down for casuals” at the very mention of making the game simpler and more intuitive couldn’t beat Zelda or Zelda 2 on their first attempt without using a strategy guide at least once, or without dying dozens of times.

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