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Nintendo: Mario Games Might Not Need A Story Or Movies In Future?

Shigeru Miyamoto has revealed that himself and Mario designer, Yoshiaki Koizumi have differing opinions when it comes down to the necessity of a storyline and story driven cut-scenes in Mario games.

“When making the first Super Mario Galaxy, I had said Mario games didn’t need a story or movies, but before I knew it, there were quite a few movies and a substantial amount of story. When it comes to movies, you can pretty much stick them in at the end of development.”

So during the development of Super Mario Galaxy 2, Miyamoto tried to get these story elements cut back, but they kept creeping back in. Finally Miyamoto had a discussion with Koizuma and finally realised something:

“But talking over fundamental issues like Koizumi-san’s views on the importance of story,” said Miyamoto, “the function of stories in games and what kind of a game Mario is, I learned something important.

“I realized that whether it’s story or movies, it’s not about whether we need them or don’t need them. What’s most important is that the game resonates.”

– Shigeru Miyamoto



  1. I think a vague storyline helps motavate the players. Even something like mario 3/world which both had similar storylines and the same bosses but was enough to tell the player who you are who the bad guys are and why your fighting then. Gallaxy may have been too much of a story (and the intro was practially identical to Super Mario RPG)

  2. See, I’m fine with minimal story in a Mario game, but I love the little bit of story in the first Mario Galaxy. You don’t need to cram the game with cutscenes, but I want enough to feel immersed in the universe. I think the first game did that well, and that’s my one complaint about the second one is that it cut back the plot a lot.

  3. I am fine with the way Mario is. Just change the plot a little in each game and I am good.

  4. That’s precisely the reason why I do love the Paper Mario’s and why Mario RPG is considered a legendary game.
    I’m not saying that Mario’s games actually “need” them to be excellent games, but it would really consolidate them as best games in history. Think for example Ocarina of Time. All this games need an epic story to make the player more attentive, which follows the conclusion that they reached.

  5. I once had a lcd handheld game (tricotronic) from nintendo. This was awesome. there were real levels, bonus stages and also bosses. This was the only cool mario game i had. Ahh no, and mario cart of course.

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