Nintendo Wii: ‘Sales For Activision’s GoldenEye Remake Will Be Disappointing’

Wedbush analyst Michael Patcher has proclaimed that the rumoured Wii GoldenEye remake which is set to be developed by Activision will ultimately produce disappointing sales.

“Given the track record of ‘hardcore’ Wii exclusives, I would bet that sales are underwhelming. It’s a funny thought to resurrect a 10 year-old brand – maybe longer – and keep it a Nintendo exclusive. It is unlike Activision to do an exclusive, and I am particularly surprised that they would do it with Goldeneye. I completely agree that most of the original audience is pretty hardcore, and think a Rare game on the 360 would have a better chance. Perhaps this is all due to the James Bond license, but… a Wii exclusive is odd.”

– Wedbush analyst Michael Pachter



  1. WHO’S Michael Patcher and why should we care what 1 little analyst has to say about Goldeneye for the Wii

  2. I betcha he’s wrong. I will buy it regardless. This was my family’s most-played game. I miss the hours and hours of laser tag with paintball mode haha

  3. This Patcher guy is just jealous.
    Go buy yourself a Wii instead of envying our games.

  4. I can’t stand first person shooters, and the Bond games, especially Goldeneye, are the only ones that I ever really enjoyed. I would definitely consider buying this, as long as they don’t screw it up.

  5. Activision? GoldenEye? It’ll be ruined…Activision nowadays SUCKS, they’ll make another generic, lame and boring game. It’d be good if the old guys from Rare did it, ’cause Rare nowadays sucks too (just look at the crappy game PD: Zero is…)

  6. Patcher has been very negative of everything wii, this is no different. I know plenty of people who would buy it even exactly like it was because of its popularity alone but an upgraded remake will have a lot more fans.

  7. I’m as crazy a Nintendo fan as any you’ll find. Seriously, I’ve got two different signed pictures of Reggie on the wall, but when it comes to a modern remake of Goldeneye, I’d rather see Goldeneye be re-imagined with the highest visual potential possible on today’s consoles rather than it being redone on the least powerful current generation system.

    I’m afraid this will be nothing but a cash in.

  8. This could really just be thrown on VC. I’m not a fan of first person shooters either, but this was a shooter I enjoyed…I enjoyed Duke Nukem and Wolf more on 64, but this was an enjoyable game.

  9. people will be happy if they just put it on the vc but if they do remake it they should do to it what capcom did with resident evil an thats it

  10. I wouldn’t mind a remake at all. I remember playing the CRAP out of GoldenEye, lol. I just hope they don’t try to make it more like Quantum of Solace. I still haven’t beaten it, lol. I played it for about 15 minutes, got bored of it, and never touched it again. I really should give it another chance, though……….

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