Nintendo: Sony Wait And See What Nintendo & Microsoft Do Before Releasing PlayStation 4

Sony Worldwide Studios president Shuhei Yoshida has informed UK trade site Develop that his company is waiting to see what Nintendo and Microsoft’s new consoles offer before they release the PlayStation 4.

“Nintendo’s approach was not to upgrade much on its basic hardware – Wii doesn’t even support HD resolution – so they might be the first to move,” he suggests.

“Probably the watch should be on these companies, in my opinion,” the exec continues. “Because PS3 was later than Xbox, and is more powerful, so it has a longer lifespan.”

– Sony Worldwide Studios president Shuhei Yoshida



      1. Way to be a fanboy you drone get out of here this is not your place and return to your hole

  1. “no guys, we gotta wait to see what there coming out with next so we can rip them o- uh, i mean make something better!”

  2. They’re just going to wait and see what these companies come out with so they can tweak the ps4. Nintendo has proven in so many ways that they can outdo their competition even with less powerful hardware. Sony has done so much talking of Nintendo lately. I honestly think they’re scared of what’s gonna happen once Nintendo’s hardware is up to speed as well.

  3. As I stated in another forum. The ps3 has both HD and now 3D compability. 3D will probably explode on the market within five years. All the television manafacturers will implement it into there screens. Nintendo will probably expand or withold the handheld market with the 3DS and they have 72 M of Wiis out there by now. To upgrade in the following years would be foolish. That leaves us to Microsoft. If, or if not, the Kinect and the new 360″slim” will succed it will probably merge into one machine, or sets of machines. And when they do, it would be a good idea for Microsoft to upgrade the hardware at the same time, to offer something more powerfull yeat again.

  4. Gotta love the P.Oed PS360 fan-boys either they are mad because the wii is selling more or they completely ignore it’s existence which is pretty hard to do. Kinect might sell because it’s different but the Move will fall on deaf ears why? because people will see it as more of the same whether you like it or not most as you say casuals care about what they spend their money on and will not pay for a more expensive pretty Wii (PS3)

    Case Closed: You Lose or better yet You Lost better luck next Gen at least try to put a fight next time.

  5. What if nintendo says tmr that they want to see sony’s move first? We’ll never get a new console from either cos they waste too much time waiting!!

  6. Sony smells lol

    thats Like waiting for Test results when Yui havn’t Taken the test lol

  7. You guys say sony and 360 fanboys should stop burning nintendo fanboys well look at the comments! Nintendo fanboys are so hypocritical. And this is a nintendo site not a sony site . Jesus christ and do you know why the wii sells more? Because only little 8 yr olds play it! Its got no hardcore games, nor have I ever seen a serious online for it. Also because its cheap because it has no good games going to it. Id rather play a hardcore game of MW2 then waggle a stick at a tv while asking mommy for milk.

    1. The sad thing is, you think MW2 is a hardcore game. If all you like playing is FPS, with the occasional game from another genre(usually hack-n-slash), then enjoy the other systems. The Wii has plenty of great games, and just being able to play Nintendo first party games, is worth more to me than the other systems combined.

    2. Isn’t Modern Warefare 2 rated M for Mature?
      Then why are you playing it? You don’t sound mature at all!!!


      1. Hmm ill bleep my bad words to avoid report. You are a dumb***. You think the wii is the best console because its a cheap PS3 dressed up like a mac. Get the **** over yourself. If you played the PS3 for 1 day you would say the wii sucks ****. I own all 3 consoles AND a DS. Believe me, I’ve played more then just FPS and “hack-n-stab” genres. If you haven’t noticed mario make up HALF of nintendos entire franchise. Nintendo has to make their own games because no third party developers are signing with them. Do you see where this is going? If you look at console ratings notice that the wii is at the “***-end” of the list.


      2. ok thats weird because me and my friend played mw2 all f**ing day he left and the next day i played the wii and i dont think its suck thats just you man, gtfu its just a game system (DAMN THESE FANBOYS ARE ANNOYING)

      3. What makes you mature go back to your whole you idiot. Cause that’s all you play generic shooters and becoming a casual gamer cause that’s all you play.

    3. “Because only little 8 yr olds play it!”

      I seem to remember turning 21 just a couple of months ago….Hm, it must’ve been my imagination.

      “it has no good games going to it”

      Metroid: Other M
      The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword
      Donkey Kong Country Returns
      Kirby’s Epic Yarn
      etc., etc., etc.

    4. No hardcore games? Have you seen The Legend of Zelda? You can’t get much more hardcore than that. Mario? One of the oldest games of all time. Not have good online games? If you mean by an online game, do you mean owning some 10 year old in England, talking SH*T about him, and his mom, probably playing within the darkness of your own self pity, loneliness, of a house, wondering why the hell are you playing this game, in which you could be doing something better with your life, then yes, Nintendo’s online gaming does suck, but what’s the best about their MULTIPLAYER games is that you can invite you friends over, and laugh until you have to pee so bad that they own you while your in the bathroom, order up pizza and pop, and have a good time. Sony and Microsoft don’t offer that kind of experience.

  8. Boy I’d love to know how these Sony fanboys found this website. It’s like they’re looking to make people mad. This website is for Nintendo news, not for “Let’s bash Nintendo!” comments… -.-

  9. This is ridiculous, Sony fanboys come here and think that starting flamewars makes their console superior. Great graphics don’t make a great game. Time and effort does. I am more than aware that there is plenty of crap being dumped on the Wii. That’s not to say it’s a bad console. Super Mario Galaxy 1 and 2, Zelda, Metroid, and countless others MORE than make up for the crap that is available. I went over to my friends house yesterday and played MW2 on his PS3. I still knew the whole time that the Wii is still the most intuitive console.

    Here’s how this console war is going:
    Nintendo comes up with new and intuitive idea.
    Sony and Microsoft call it stupid.
    The two come up with their own ways to rip off (in their case, “come up with a great idea”) the Wii. (Kinect and Move.)
    Now Microsoft just sits back and relaxes, Nintendo keep coming out with great ideas, and Sony thinks of stupid tactics like “Wait and see” and “steal when they think it was originally a stupid idea”.

    Seriously, Sony fanboys, STFU or GTFO

    1. Yes Nintendo is very innovative. And has bin for all these years. But that didn´t help back in the days when ps2 sold more than N64.(with its rumble, analog stick and Mario64!!!) So innovation isn´t everything in this business. And that´s what M and Sony knows.
      Now, with Iwata Nintendo seems to have a good relationship between new innovations and cost. They have, as they stated, expanded there business and people that didn´t play before can find the games that suites them.

      In a way Nintendo has pushed back gaming to the 80´s when it was fun and simple for everyone to try it and play.

      Now there building up content (as seen on E3). The problem for Sony and Microsoft is that they drained the hardcore market (the people that have playd games for many years). Now they are looking at Nintendo and trying to do, but with much more expensive equipment.

      If we look at the things Sony pushed at E3 – and wanted to get it right away, we end up with a 3d-TV, maybe an extra pair of goggles, PsMOVE with everything included. We are talking more than a avarage persons months salary!!!

      If we look att Nintendo. The 3DS. A console that everyone affords if they really really wants it.

      And Microsoft… Well. The living room space is the biggest problem. Most people dont live in mansions.

      So as the Playstation 1 and 2 was the most valuable pieces of harware back in the day and Sony reigned. Now it´s Nintendo on the throne.
      And I think they will keep that position into the next generation, if Sony and Microsoft doesn´t come up with something radically new.

  10. Playstation 4? Wow this I got to see haha! If it’s backwards compatible with PSX and PS2 games I might concider buying it in exchange for PS3 Slim xD

  11. Wow yall act like Sony has no good games when its MS that has like one game keeping it alive Gaylo pssh PS3 has great exclusives new ones being created and What has Sony copied Nintendo Move has been in development for seven years its not the same since u cant cheat the motion ps Nintendo and Sony Rules and Ms SUCKS!!!

    1. wooooooh seven years really? if it took that damn long to make that piece of s**t m0ve then it must of tooking 20 years (starting from the ps2) for them to make the ps3 now does that make sense?

  12. Besides who came up with disc format games? Sony Nintendo was trying but couldnt figure it out and first 3d(not 3D) games? psone did so people all have came up with innovations just thank all makers oh and our next format is bluray cus they r 100 times better than DVDs and Sony created Bluray so stop hating appreciate more

  13. These pathetic ps3 fanboys who have nothing better to do then cause flame wars, are more addicted to nintendo then the ‘nintendo fanboy’. The fact that bother to insult to nintendo displays that they know nintendo is a threat to ps3. These noobs are basically ‘self-burning’. Ouch. :)

  14. I sense sony-implanted trolls about! Quick! take ye club and fight them off before they set thou on fire!

  15. lol ps3 was released later then failed to the ground now they are waiting for the others to release so they can copy them like the playstation move fail

  16. there is no doubt in my mind that the president of nintendo spends weeks thinking of new ideas, and sony just comes along and put their name on it

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