Nintendo DS: New Kingdom Hearts Re:coded Footage Hits The Internet

Square Enix have released new footage of the highly anticipated Kingdom Hearts Re:coded for the Nintendo DS.

The footage gives viewers a glimpse of the battle system that’s being utilised in the game and also showcases some of the vibrant levels that players expect from the renowned franchise.




  1. Uhhh… this game was on cell phines in japan… not the PS2… but i’m really wanting this game though! :D

  2. @Sickr – correct! It was actually only released in Japan, on cellphones. Some cellphones came preloaded with the game. XD

  3. Hmm if th graphics are supposed to b gc quility then thy need wayyyyyy more polishing an tuning but other thn the graphics th game play looks smooth and original an I’m wait cuz I never rely play the whole 1st kh cuzza my dum ps2 so let’s hope for the best:)

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