Nintendo Wii: GoldenEye 007 ‘Pushes The Wii To Its Limits’

Activision’s Dawn Pinkney has explained to online gaming publication NowGamer that their re-imagined version of the classic N64 first person shooter seriously pushes the Wii console to its limits.

“We just had to go about it in a clever way in terms of how we create our levels,” Pinkney explained, “systems that we’ve put in place to keep them varied, all of the different character animations and so on. We had to be very clever to include all of this, but yes this is pushing the limits of the console.”

– Dawn Pinkney, Activison



  1. Brawl pushed the Wii to it’s limits, and it was able to do it with amazing graphics. I’m really disappointed that this Gamecube looking game is supposedly using the Wii’s full potential. I seriously doubt it. Especially since this type of game has been done many times on the Wii with much better graphics. I’m a gameplay over graphics person, but this does not seem to be taking full advantage of the Wii like they claim.

  2. i dont really think thats is true i meen the gfx on quantum of solice looks better then what i seen in the golden eye video

  3. Even if it does push the Wii to its limits (which sounds like bullshit if you ask me), this game will be purchased solely because of nostalgia from stupid gamers. Wake up everyone, look at gameplay videos. It’s Modern Warfare 007. Activision is shitting all over this project and you guys are going to support it just because you liked the game Rare made.

    No more slappers, by the way.

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