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Nintendo 3DS: Rumours Pointing Towards 2011 Release For 3DS In UK

Online gaming publication VG247 is reporting that Nintendo have informed UK games publishers that the 3DS isn’t set to be released in the United Kingdom until March 2011.


12 thoughts on “Nintendo 3DS: Rumours Pointing Towards 2011 Release For 3DS In UK”

    1. Nintendo of America president Reggie Fils-Aime said it wouldn’t be released in the United States until next year.

      I’m sure they’re doing all they can to get it released in the holiday season for both the United States and the United Kingdom, failing that it will be March next year.

  1. Lol, yeah, I want my 3DS right now too, but I also want it to be of top quality, and have as few imperfections as possible.

  2. I’d have thought they’d have it out for Christmas tbh

    Does anyone know if it’s going to be wi-fi compatable, with both WEP and WPA? Unlike my DS Lite.

  3. I do believe it’ll be holiday season. Nintendo knows that’s the perfect time to release anything significant.

    …besides, late 2010 is when my “3DS Gaining” and “DS Torch Passing” ceremonies are taking place. Already marked on the calendar…last three months of this year. Yeah.

  4. Me and my boyfriend bet on the release date and I bet December this year, if it was me I’d release it before Christmas, it just makes sense!

  5. People are idiots. Either the console is still being worked on, they don’t have an advertising plan, they don’t have games, or they don’t have enough consoles to meet initial demand. Not to mention contless other things Nintendo could use as excuses.

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