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Nintendo Wii: Activison And Nintendo Show Off Golden Classic Controller

Activison has officially confirmed that the highly anticipated GoldenEye 007 for the Nintendo Wii will be available in a special edition bundle which features the rather extravagant looking Golden Classic Controller for $69


10 thoughts on “Nintendo Wii: Activison And Nintendo Show Off Golden Classic Controller”

  1. this is really a nice color, but when I use a controller I look for the confort not the beauty,
    this pad seems very unconfortable.

    I think that the most confortable controller pad is the GameCube’s Pad.

    in the GameCube’s pad I can reach any button easy, the bad thing was the order for the buttons

    but if you use the order in this model and use the design body from the GameCube’s Controller
    that will be the perfect controller pad.

    1. I have the classic controller pro, and I can say right now that it almost just as comfortable as the GameCube controller.

  2. I just bought a classic controller pro for Monster Hunter Tri, I’m glad that they are finally making a FPS that uses it

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