Nintendo Wii: Eurocom Show Off Changes To GoldenEye 007

Eurocom, the developers behind Goldeneye 007, have shown off some of the changes between the smash hit GoldenEye 64 and their latest revised offering for the Nintendo Wii.

One of the initial changes that players will experience is that the original Cuban Jungle level that players encountered in GoldenEye 64 has now changed to a Nigerian Jungle to fit in with the revised storyline.

The games multiplayer experience was also shown off along with the special edition Golden Classic Controller Pro. The online aspect will allow eight players to slug it out in classic GoldenEye style but sadly won’t allow for voice chat.



  1. I can’t wait for this game. The voice chat thing doesn’t affect me because my internet is really bad, so I play with my real friends. Yup, people that you didn’t meet online.

  2. This is a pass for me. I see this game as having the worst sells out of the 3 FPS games coming out by the end of the year. Black Ops will be #1, followed by Conduit 2 at # 2, and Golden Eye will be #3.

  3. very excited about the release. And after playing goldeneye source, no voice chat is not a big loss.

  4. i dont care all i want is the duel guns, example a rocket luncher in one hand and a machine gun in the other

  5. Stopped reading at revised storyline.

    For FUCK’s sake this is fucking ridiculous and I hope this flops bigtime.

  6. Voice chat doesn’t matter to me. I have MW2 on the PS3 and I don’t even use the chat. It’s because talking just boils down to rasist name calling. Even when I’m playing with my friends they can be annoying towards others. So when I see a mic I just mute it. Chat should be an internal hardware option so you can talk to only the people you choose on your friends list while playing any game. I understand XB360 has this feature.

    Anyway I hope GE is very good as I really look forward to the update.

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