Nintendo DS: Nintendo DS Could Help You With Your Shopping

A recent patent submitted by Nintendo for the Nintendo DS and Nintendo DSi shows that the system could help users with their shopping activities

The patent suggests that when a Nintendo DS users brings their device into a store they could enable it to connect to a dedicated wireless network which in turn would run a program on the device to help the shopper navigate isles, find specific items and could help with alternative shopping suggestions etc.




  1. Kind of pointless since there is a thing called LOOKING THROUGH THE AISLES!!! What are the chances of the store having a wireless network anyways? AND you need to setup the wifi connection when your at the store. It’ll take too long and it’s pointless. It’s another thing Nintendo does that nobody ever asked for and nobody will ever use it. Just like when you connect the DSi to that ballpark to get the stats…

  2. Wow. The point of this is…? Lol i actually LIKE *gasp* looking thru aisles. You see cool stuff you might not see other places

  3. I wouldn’t worry too much. Nintendo has tons of crazy patent ideas that don’t get used. They just want to take precautions in case one of the crazy ideas turns into a great one. That, or they want to patent it before another company comes out with the same kind of thing. (Wow, PSMove, much?) XD

  4. I have a DSI but I wouldn’t bother.I would go into a store to buy a certain game,if I can’t find it I ask the staff.In my opinion they should scrap the project and set up permanant machines with touchscreens to find what you want.Anyway what are the chances of bringing a DSI in the first place,never mind making a connection!

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