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Nintendo 3DS: Nintendo Talk Mario 3DS

Nintendo’s Yoshio Koizumi who has worked on numerous Mario titles such as Mario 64 and Mario Galaxy believes it will be easier to create a 3D Mario game for Nintendo’s forthcoming 3DS console.

“I’ve been making 3D Mario games up to now, and it’s been difficult to grab or ride on objects floating in midair with these sorts of games since the beginning,” said Koizumi. “But if the Nintendo 3DS system can produce a sense of distance that can be easily understood at a glance, I feel I’ll be able to more confidently create the tense stages that require you to jump from platform to platform in midair without falling.

“There’s still a whole range of things I’ll be able to do with Mario games in the future.”

– Yoshio Koizumi


10 thoughts on “Nintendo 3DS: Nintendo Talk Mario 3DS”

    1. Indeed. I look forward to jumping long distances with Mario without having to track his shadow. I never really noticed that I was doing it, but now that you mention it, I did it all the time, as I’m sure everyone did / does.

  1. yeah, really looking forward to 3d mario games with 3d effects for 3ds … ;D
    much better than new super mario bros games :):)

  2. I’ve literally never had a problem with depth perception in the 3d mario games :/ …
    still can’t wait to get the 3DS ARG :DDD

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