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Nintendo Wii: The Nintendo Wii Is The Most Pirated Games Console

Online gaming publication CVG is reporting that the Nintendo Wii is the most pirated games console with an incredible 25,770 torrents, versus 24,240 torrents for ‘PlayStation’ and 24,108 for Xbox 360.

  • PC: 113,624 available torrents

  • PSP: 31,742 available torrents

  • Wii: 25,770 available torrents

  • PS3: 24,240 available torrents

  • X360: 24,108 available torrents

  • DS: 18,714 available torrents

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    14 thoughts on “Nintendo Wii: The Nintendo Wii Is The Most Pirated Games Console”

    1. Surely the number of available torrents only indicates something to do with the number and size of the games in comparison to, say PS3 games.

      A total number of torrents downloaded would give you a much more accurate reading, I think.

      Then again, if you define “pirating” as making these games available to others for downloading, then I suppose it’s accurate enough (though are duplicates or PAL vs NTSC also counted?)

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    3. I could easily chip the wii and play torrented games, but nintendo deserve the support. They create such amazing games and hardware that never refuses to stop working.

    4. Ahhh…. THey know that there are both more Wii games (different titels) as well as Wii Consoles out there RIghT? So this number does not seem that big to me! Besides they say there are less hard core gamers out there for the Wii compared to other consoles and its the Hardcore gamers that know how to hack not the average joe… so yeah this doesnt seem that big to me!

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