Nintendo 3DS: Zelda Ocarina Of Time 3D Will Remain Faithful To The Original

Rob Saunders, Head of Communications for Nintendo UK has told online gaming publication Gamingbolt that the eagerly awaited Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3D will remain faithful to the Nintendo 64 original.

“I think it really depends on what that game looked like first time round.”

“Take, for example, Super Mario Bros on the NES. If you were to bring that straight out again today I think a lot of people would scratch their heads. However, with the New Super Mario Bros: You can tweak it, you can update it, you can sharpen it and you can change the character models, the environment. But the core mechanic of that 2D side-scrolling game play remains the same.”

“So with some games, like Ocarina, you’ll see a much more ‘faithful’ reproduction but I think with some other games you need to tweak them and bring them into the modern era, so to speak, so it depends on the title.”




  1. Good! I read somewhere else that they would tweak the Water Temple… it’s good to know they are keeping it as the original. True Zelda gamers can beat it… piece of cake! XD

    1. They said they were going to use the touch screen to enhance the controls thus making the Water Temple more balanced with the rest of the game.

    2. Yeah, I never had much of a problem with it either. I can’t wait to finally relive OOT! My N64’s have been broken for quite some time now, so I haven’t been able to enjoy any of its great games…….I suppose I could have downloaded them off of the VC, but I’d much rather have a physical copy than a downloaded version that I could lose if something ever happened to my Wii.

  2. A 3D effect and “better” graphics are alright and all I guess, but….I hope they don’t mean nearly EVERYTHING else will be the EXACT same….seems like it’d be a ripoff in that case…even if it does have that super-awesome 3D effect…

    1. It wouldn’t be a rip-off. It’s made by the same people! If anything, keeping the feel and mechanics the same is exactly what they need to do, considering the target audience is mostly for people who played and enjoyed the game originally. I’d rather it be more of a straight port than end up with something like New Super Mario Brothers… a game that I cannot enjoy.

  3. Only things that were changed:

    The graphics (slightly)
    You can have 4 selection items instead of 3 now.
    They made the Iron Boots a selection item instead of an equip item.
    All Temples have been slightly changed in some way, but the Water Temple more so than the others.

  4. well, saying that this rendition will be ”faithful to the original” doesn’t mean AT ALL that they’re not going to change/add some stuff…

  5. I don’t really understand why the Water Temple would need changing either… other than time consuming, it was fairly easy to me. The only one I had troubles with was the Shadow Temple… and it wasn’t because it was hard… but because those damn hands would scare the hell out of me if I wasn’t paying attention -_-

  6. @katie

    really the shadow temple caused you troubles that was easy as, i hope they make the water temple less time consuming.

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