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Nintendo 3DS: Nintendo Sells 400,000 Nintendo 3DS Consoles At Launch

Japanese media corporation the Nikkei is reporting that Nintendo managed to shift an incredible 400,000 Nintendo 3DS consoles during the Japanese launch yesterday.

Large numbers of eager consumers descended upon Japanese retail outlets in a frantic bid to pick up the highly sought after device. Nintendo’s initial shipment of 400,000 units promptly sold out, much to the dismay of those who neglected to preorder.


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  1. Impressive. But I won’t be getting this system. It’s not worth the money. I’ll wait till the nest version.

    1. Except that the next version won’t come out until something like 2,013 or 2,014. Nintendo have made it clear that they want to keep this model of the 3DS for a veeeeery long time.

      1. eh…thats fine with us. They’ll miss out on stellar titles and make it easier for us to get our hands on one :)

    2. Yeah, maybe it’s a good idea to wait for the “revised” version and not for a “3DS lite” or something like that.

      The Deftgamer has previewed some glitches that the 1.0 version may have:


      Revisions that may apply on a 1.1 version:

      – Battery life
      – Not durable lid
      – And maybe an anti-piracy patch may be applied for R4 DS games

      Anyway, I will try to buy one when it’s released in America. =D

  2. Thats pretty impresive for their first day. I saw it coming though. Can you imagine when it comes to america

  3. i knew this would happen and ive been saying it all along, 3ds will be bigger than wii’s launch, especially here in america, mark my words! remember izzy told you! :P

  4. Various reports have predicted the 3DS selling more units on launch than Wii (proving there is enough to sell at launch).

    I’ve had mine pre-ordered for a while now.

    As for the potential hinge fault, i’m sure it would be the same/similar to the DSi and not like the original DS.

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