Nintendo 3DS: The Nintendo 3DS Officially Launches In The United States

Hordes of eager consumers descended upon numerous retail chains at midnight last night to be one of the first owners of Nintendo’s highly anticipated 3DS console in the United States.

Nintendo of America president Reggie Fils-Aime greeted fans at Best Buy’s Union Square location to celebrate the March 27 launch of Nintendo 3DS. The first Nintendo 3DS sold in the U.S was to Isaiah Triforce Johnson of Brooklyn, NY, who scooped up the console seconds after midnight. Johnson was the same man who headed up Nintendo’s Wii launch day line back in 2006. After claiming the first US Nintendo 3DS he shouted “Now I’m playing with power … the power of 3D!”





  1. I want one so bad but I’ll probably have to wait till I’m 16 and get a job in the summer

  2. That guy was there waiting like a week or more before the 3DS actually went on sale. That’s dedication. I think it’s absolutely awesome that he as a grown man can still keep his childhood so close and alive like that. I’m just like him in that way. I still feel about Nintendo now as I did when I was 5.

  3. I’m going to Gamestop today to try a sampler out. But no matter how much it catches my eye (no pun intended), I’m not buying one until the future 3DS comes out with improved battery life.

  4. now we wait for a full year before we get any shops stocking it here in nigeria (for twice the price!). i wonder when they wud start taking gamers here seriously. been a ninty fan since the famicom, and still its like we dont even exist… :((

  5. His name is Triforce, he’s wearing a power glove, and he clearly waited for an ungodly amount of time. Now that’s dedication!

  6. i wish i had the time on my hands to do that, but i got school and i have to wait for my birthday friday to get money from reletives and friends for the money and pick up my preordered black nintendo 3DS! woot, i want his middle name too.

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