Nintendo DS: Nintendo Recruit One Direction To Advertise Pokémon Black & White

Nintendo UK have decided to recruit X Factor stars One Direction to help advertise and promote Pokémon Black and Pokémon White.

One Direction who were finalists during the X Factor television show during the Christmas period be acting as Pokémon ‘brand ambassadors’ which will see the group appearing at a series of special events and meeting fans.

“Zayn and I played it loads when we were younger, but Harry had never really played before we introduced him to it. We all started playing the new version during rehearsal breaks whilst on tour and now we can’t put our consoles down.”

– One Direction




  1. I was listening to the Official Nintendo Magazine podcast the other day.

    They were talking about One Direction at the Pokémon launch.

    They said that One Direction didn’t know anything about it really.


  2. WHY???? After selling over “3 Million” copies in it’s first two weeks (U.S. and Europe) why on Earth do Nintendo need to use One Dimension to sell one of Nintendo’s biggest franchises?



    who do you think you all are saying there gay ,not- talented and there just kids thats sly you dont know them so dont judge them ,they are extremly talented and very down to earth their personalities are amazing !!!

    these 5 boys have millions of fans which will make pokemon millions of money !!

    dont bother commenting if you have nothing nice to say !!!!


  4. One Direction are talented singers and N used them to advertise because 1D has a lot of influential powers. There is nothing wrong with that. It doesn’t matter how much N sold already, every company advertises! 1D NEVER put their controllers down because they love to play. Thus, what better way to launch a new advertisement than getting true fans of N and famous, young, beautiful, talented stars to do it. Above comments, I don’t know why you’re complaining!!!


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