Nintendo Wii: Nintendo Wii To Retail For $150 On May 15th?

According to an industry source at technology publication Engadget the Nintendo Wii will soon retail for a mere $150 come May 15th.

Whilst nothing has been confirmed by Nintendo themselves, Nintendo of America president Reggie Fils-Aime previously hinted that there’s still plenty of marketing options left for the Wii including a price cut. Would $150 tempt you to get a Wii if you didn’t already own one?




  1. I think it’s safe to say Nintendo have officially stopped caring about the Nintendo DS and DSi all together (Excluding the 3DS). But I think that’s for the better because they don’t have the time nor money to make games for the 3DS aswell as the DS.

  2. Damn that’s a Bargain for those that haven’t gotten a Wii yet…if the rumors are true of course.

  3. So about £92? If this means that it’ll retail for £99 in Europe as well then that is excellent for people who haven’t bought one yet.

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