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Nintendo Wii: Plenty Of Large Developers Already Have Nintendo Wii 2 Development Kits

According to revered gaming publication Edge there’s a whole host of large development studios that are currently in possession of development kits for the next Nintendo home console.

Large third party developers such as Ubisoft, Activision and Electronic Arts have had the new development kits for the successor to the Nintendo Wii for months. It now seems extremely likely that a full reveal of the console will be made at E3 in June.


20 thoughts on “Nintendo Wii: Plenty Of Large Developers Already Have Nintendo Wii 2 Development Kits”

  1. In this case, I hope that the next Nintendo console will have some top games on release day. I am a bit disappointed by the lineup for the 3DS, none of the games really appealed to me, which in turn makes it alright for me to wait to get the 3DS.

    In addition, I hope that the developers are not rushing the development of new games. It is too often happening that the first games for a new console are a bit “half baked”.

    Anyway, this is great news. Looking forward to E3 to hear the details of the upcoming console and what games, which we can expect to see for it.

      1. I am sure that there are people, which have not owned a Playstation3 or a Xbox360 that would love ports. And I am not going to deny them this pleasure. However, I hope that in this case, the developers will make proper ports of their games, and not rush them.

        Time will tell.

  2. Here’s to hoping that we’ll be getting some good rpgs.
    Btw, this new Wii 2 answers your question Sickr on what all the Nintendo teams are doing at the moment. Developing games for this new killer system.

    1. It certainly does help explain the Wii software drought. Nintendo will still need some killer Wii titles to support them through to Christmas 2012 though. E3 is set to be immense : )

      1. For Europe and the US, the planned release of Xenoblade and The Last Story, together with the upcoming Zelda game, will hold us through to Christmas 2012. At least in my case :)

  3. Oh joy. Another Madden and Raving Rabbids game at launch and maybe a DJ Hero game. Ladi freakin’ da. I hope developers like Capcom and Square Enix have the kits so we can have quality games besides Nintendo’s at launch.

  4. Seems like good news, if they can make sure a wide range of quality games are available for the console on launch day. However, in light of what happened with the 3DS, this really isn’t enough, we also need some good Nintendo made titles available for the console to really sell well.

    So yeah, seems good, but let’s hope we have more third party titles available than the Wii did and more Nintendo developed ones available than the 3DS did.

  5. Hmm, to people talking about the 3DS’s launch titles, it’s probably strategic as atm people will buy the 3DS just for hardware, and their lack of titles such as mario will help the third party developers as people will have yo buy their games, it also means they can get constant sales, as 3DS sales will go back up as their titles are released.
    And seeing how up to a year before it’s announcement, developers had kits for the 3DS, this shouldnt be much of a surprise

    1. Or, Like I did with my 3ds, I bough it release day, and am now waiting for something good before I buy a game…

  6. Can’t wait to see the new console but I still will play the old wii because I still play gamecube games!

  7. They could make a new console or a new tool for the system. Xbox and ps3 only added motion without the need to change console. As long as it plays gamecube games I am really happy!

  8. While this is what they said about the 3DS (And it’s also what I fervently denied), I can’t help but be a bit suspicious.

  9. Its funny to see the 3DS being bashed by people that don’t have one. Everyone I know that has one loves it and has found several games in the launch lineup that they enjoy. I myself really enjoy Steel Diver, Splinter Cell, Street Fighter, Ridge Racer, and Nintendogs. You really shouldn’t bash a system just because you haven’t been able to afford one yet because once you try it (don’t just lie and say you tried it and post some BS story about playing your friends to prove it when really you just read a review that said the games weren’t that good so you decide you can make a personal judgement based on some other guys opinion.) you will find that if you are a hardcore gamer there are plenty of good titles in this launch. For casual gamers there may not be enough games yet, but I’m assuming that if you read gaming news on the internet you probably lean more toward the hardcore side.

  10. I think that we’re going to see a lot of collections after launch: Assassin’s Creed, Mass Effect, Dead Space, some HD remakes of the best GCN and Wii games, downlodable GCN classics, if the controller screen it’s true expect some GBA games maybe, at least the ones compatibles with GCN games
    wow I’m dreaming a lot
    BTW I would buy the collections day one even with the fact that I already have those games in the 360
    with this rumors my fanboy-ism is returning to its normal levels, I’m so excited

  11. I wonder why Nintendo didn’t keep info on Wii successor in the closet until E3. Would have been all the more of a surprise.

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  13. Okay, Ubisoft and EA have dev kits. Doesn’t mean the games they’re working on now will be good. I mean, look at their 3DS launch titles. Okay, Ghost Recon was apparently good.

    @Fortitude Nintendo hasn’t formally announced anything about a console. Any information coming out is the result of alleged leaks. Just something to remember.

  14. OMFG! ive just noticed that if they make a new consel .. then they are going to follow the tradition and make a new super smash brothers!!!!!!!

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