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Nintendo: Apple Or Google Could Eat Nintendo Says Analyst

David Edery, founder of Fuzbi, a consulting firm focused on video game development has told Gamasutra that Nintendo needs to keep an eye out for both Google Android and Apple iOS.

David Edery was speaking to online gaming publication Gamasutra about how free-to-play games and online microtransactions are now affecting the video game market.

“In the very near future, it’s very possible that Nintendo could wake up and find that Apple has eaten their lunch — or Google through Android has done it,”

“If the console makers don’t start the transition process immediately, well, history is littered with companies that waited too long to embrace a revolution that was threatening their core business,”

– David Edery, Fuzbi


33 thoughts on “Nintendo: Apple Or Google Could Eat Nintendo Says Analyst”

    1. I have an Android phone. I played Angry Birds. It’s addicting, but it’s the SAME EXACT GAME as other online games that came wayyyy before it. Plus, who’s gonna buy all paid apps? No one. All my apps were free. Therefore, the developers didn’t get a cent from me. I’ll play my Wii ANY DAY over my phone.

  1. Nintendo: SUCK MY DICK!
    Apple/Google: if we wanna beat them we may have to.

    Nintendo will NEVER fall to the likes of Apple and Google.

  2. Ahh those funny analyst aren’t aware of which day is or is not april’s fools! I bet even Google it saying: Yeah good one! Like we cared about videogame industry! We bought 3DS for our kids! and Apple is saying: Another PIPPIN? no thank you! Wii are just fine!

  3. I’m sorry, I didn’t realize that super repetitive games like farmville and all the other cheaply made stupid app games made for cell phones were gonna be the major trend and that all hardcore gamers will just forget about the submerrsive experience they get when they play a Mario or Zelda game. Fuck that not everyone wants to have a cell phone fame experience.. I personally enjoy my games on my 46′ high def tv :P duh!

  4. Nintendo could survive just by releasing pokemon games once a year, and its not likely that we will be seeing pok-i-mon or googemon any time soon XD

  5. where do these company find funds to employ ‘analyst’ who type before they think. I mean they created the ‘undo’ and ‘backspace’ for a reason. I am sure of 1 of 2 things, either this ‘analyst’ is on the take from one of these companies, or one/both of these companies will read this and think, ‘wow, we won’t be eating lunch with the giant serving of foot-in-mouth and crow that we will be eating’. How and the fuck are games like Angry Birds and FarmVille going to compete with Mario, Zelda, Call Of Duty etc etc etc. And good point @Munchkin79, why have lately all these people been Nintendo bashing and leaving out Sony or Microsoft? They can’t say Nintendo doesn’t have cheap or free games, look @ any of the online shops, where you can purchase not only developer games but older Nintendo games. Even Sony has their shop to buy games/movies/tv shows, etc. These ppl are stupid. I will be thinking of them whilst playing my 3DS and waiting anxiously for the “Wii 2”

    1. Lol as long as there are Journalists majors graduating from college every year there will always be the so called “analysts”

  6. This guy and all of those other “anal cysts” will be eating their words two years from now when they realize Nintendo isn’t going anywhere. Maybe one day, they’ll get it through their thick skulls that there is a HUGE difference between a console game and a cell phone game. The only area where Nintendo might lose a crumb of sales would be in the hand held market. Cell phones are hand held devices, not 50 inch televisions with wireless controllers. Idiots….morons.

  7. In 1982 the analysis was that a Home console(home computer at that time) was a great thing. In 1984 the “big crash” had happen and home computers was not to be released by any company. Therefore Nintendo changed the name from the japanese Famicom (family computer) to the more, better sounding, entertainment system. Despite all the experts the NES was a success. The NES changed the way we play games to this day.

    Now. Perhaps the time they are a changing, as sung by Bob Dylan, but I think Nintendo can manage the new threats from other more diverse companies.

    The funny thing is that the analysts goes for the Sony and Microsoft rhetoric of Nintendo Wii as “not a real home console” and therefore they all seem to treat Nintendo as an underdog even as they dominate the console market (but not the multiplayer market as Microsoft puts it, and not the “media station”market as Sony want´s to put it.)

  8. I was saying the other day how much I’d like to be paid just for living and making mistakes, and I think maybe Professional Analysis of most any topic might be the answer to that!

    How are they funded? Who has come up with this amazing, magical scheme where you are entitled to make sufficiently vague doom-saying statements that may never come true and somehow be reimbursed for your time? It sounds wonderful.

  9. Oh, David Edery….you picked the wrong time to say that.

    Beside that, I’m sick of analysts thinking every piece of electronics must be a hybrid of devices since the iPhone. If a company specializes in one area and excels in it, then I don’t see a problem.

    Sure, there might be the issue of people wanting the most product to justify the price tag, but a console maker like Nintendo will utilize what they have in a way that phone-exclusive developers won’t for a long time if ever. Plus, developers will want to get their finger in as many pies as possible and won’t simply ignore the console makers if they keep doing what they do well. Nintendo may be turning away certain indie developers, but that won’t be an undoing.

    One more thing: Has this guy never heard of the Sony Ericsson Xperia Play or Windows Phone 7? They’re obviously following his philosophy to a point.

  10. I can’t believe there are this many blind deousional people out there! I’ve owned every Nintendo system ever, huge legend of selfsame fan, but my Wii has 3 inches of dust on it as I play my PS3 and games on my Android phone. Nintendo is dead in the water and they don’t even care, garbage games, garbage graphics, processor and other technology that is 3 generations behind, there won’t be a Nintendo 10 years from now and thats conservative, its probably closer to 5 years from bow, you people need to jump off the burning ship

  11. Right now it looks like nintendo can still do well for a few years… maybe even into the next console generation. but i can see this analysts point. think about it… there is a clear difference between console and home gaming. but what happens when they make a home console with the android or iphone os, and give it the dev tools and support that cell phone gaming currently enjoys? im not saying nintendo should move into cell phone games but they need to brace for the inevitable impact.

  12. Yes. I have so much fun playing Angry Birds while I’m in the waiting room at a doctor’s appointment. It’s something I’d like to do for hours on end because iPhone and Android games are the best.

    In case you couldn’t tell, that was sarcasm.

  13. Apple and Google are new to the Gaming Scene, and are getting a bit big for their britches.

    Tell you what Apple and Google, release a Console that hooks directly with the TV and it’s prime directive is full fledged games that have a physical form like a Disc.
    THEN you can act like you are the kings of gaming, but it’s only an act.

  14. Why does everyone want to make rivals with Nintendo? Well, hopefully Google and Apple will end up being the respectful and competitive kind, unlike Sony who are upright a**holes d**k c**t and b***sacks!

  15. Why is it only Nintendo to get the edge of the knife with these so called “analysts?” I have yet to see Microsoft or Sony be subject to said studies.

    1. Because they’re a huge competitor and threat to the other companies. They ALWAYS get bashed. Remember Sega and their motto? “Sega does what Nintendon’t.” They tried to be all cool and push the latest graphics out. They even tried CDs, but look what happened to them in the end. They went down. That just goes to show you that you can pull all the technology you want out of your sleeve, but it will all mean NOTHING if you don’t have the game to prove it.

  16. What revolution? “Free”, “Social”, “Casual” games aren’t the same as more conventional console or PC games.

    Besides, that transition has already been made. I believe they called it WiiWare.

  17. It’s funny but even though Nintendo consoles are lacking in tech, they are still way better than other gaming systems. Nintendo always does it right .

  18. So this dude gets paid to “predict the future”. Now I know there is an easy job out there. Just say something stupid that may make a commotion and good for you.

    BTW, why Nintendo, why ALL these articles are Apple against Nintendo and not MS or Sony?

    Jealousy about the Wii being #1?

    I’m just scared about Wii 2 & 3DS. Why we need a Wii 2 right now when MS & Sony aren’t even thinking about the next gen?

    I would love to see more hardcore games on Wii, why the GameCube had many (it could have have more) & the Wii can’t?

    When I bought the Wii I thought I was going to get a mayor sensor control experience with swords, guns & more but it seems that people got stuck in Wii Sports like games, I thought that was just an example to show later very complex & cool games with it. I’m still waiting, & now Wii 2?

    Also, Nintendo better release 3DS hardcore or AAA games, only like one games is out that I want and it’s not THAT good. & I hope they come out with new IPs & sequels instead of remakes in 3D. Please.

  19. i think that perhaps why the likes of apple target nintendo as opposed to sony and microsoft is 2 reasons:

    firstly, nintendo were the ones who rejuvenated and dominated the video games scene for the last 30+ years, and so because of their success with the N.E.S, gameboy, SNES and wii, analysts and critics will always nitpick and criticise every little thing they do. no matter what direction nintendo choose to take.

    secondly, the wii’s fall in sales in recent months along with increasing sales of the 360, kinnect and ps3 are leading people to deem nintendo to be a cheap gimmack. people will always overlook the likes of super mario galaxy, donkey kong country returns, super smash bros brawl, metroid etc and continue to harp about those bog standard 3rd party games.

    if i were nintendo, i’d pay no attention to what apple, sony, microsoft or whoever have to say.

    there will always be haters, but as long as nintendo have fans around the world, we don’t care what they think and say.

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