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Nintendo: Shigeru Miyamoto Says Nintendo Will Focus More On Gaming

Shigeru Miyamoto has told online gaming publication Edge that Nintendo now plans to concentrate its efforts on gaming as the company has been too sidetracked with hardware development.

“I think 3DS is a unique entertainment tool – everyone can understand how it works. One of our next aims is: how do you convey this message? Because one has to play and experience [it].

“We spent a lot of time developing 3DS, for games for the future, so from now on I think we’ll focus more on gaming and we are releasing lots of games this year.”

– Shigeru Miyamoto


11 thoughts on “Nintendo: Shigeru Miyamoto Says Nintendo Will Focus More On Gaming”

  1. this is a good sign for us! Ninty followers NO MORE YEARS of wait for the next Nintendo big Game release, maybe they realized these times go through fast phasing gaming development, mobile lame games are selling and people are forgetting about true value of gaming…

    1. Even sweeter now that we know it will launch with a Mega Man Legends 3 demo! ^_^

      I’m almost positive they’ll announce the launch date at the investors meeting next week. Seems like the best place.

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