Nintendo Wii 2: Nintendo Wii 2 (Project Cafe) Coming This Year For $400

Online gaming publication IGN have managed to get hold of some more information regarding Nintendo’s next home console which is currently titled Project Cafe.

Apparently the system will launch late this year somewhere between mid-October and early November. The console is set to retail for$350 and $400 based on manufacturing costs, and will ship from Taiwanese manufacturer, Foxconn.

According to IGN Nintendo are still undecided on the name of their next generation console but they’re considering calling it ‘Stream’ presumably because of the game screen which is reportedly built into the controller.

The console will apparently be around the same size as Microsoft’s Xbox 360 but will look like a modernized version of the Super Nintendo Entertainment System (SNES) and will be slightly more powerful than Sony’s PlayStation 3.



  1. Wow. It’s like something out of star trek. I’m just waiting for Spock to share his opinion on the new console. The price seems appropriate given the supposed power. It might have to be if the controllers end up costing half the amount of the console itself.

  2. This is your cue for all you Nintendo haters that said Nintendo is for kids and that Google and Apple are going to put Nintendo out of business. You may now insert foot into mouth.

    1. good idea, start hyping it up now so when it becomes another shovelware kiddy console you’ll feel even stupider for trusting nintendo again.

      1. Yeah cuz with all the really amazing games Nintendo is still the best. Seriously what the F*** is wrong with you..

  3. *cue everyone ranting about it not having or not doing something that they expected*

    So about £250 then? Probably going to be closer to £280 or £300 for the UK with the usual price increase. I really wasn’t expecting it this year though. Does this mean that Nintendo stuck to a five year cycle for their consoles i.e. Wii 2006-2011?

    More powerful that the PS3 is more than good enough for me. I know that for many it won’t be enough though.

    Now, details on backwards compatibility and if and how we can transfer purchases forward please Nintendo?

  4. I’m sure it will be released early 2012 because such a great system we will only get to see in the afterlife. Nintendo usually come up with original names, so ‘Stream’ doesn’t really fit the bill here. Also when typing it would be easy to mix up Stream and Steam…

    1. “Original names”

      Like, for example, the Nintendo Entertainment System? …or do you mean the Super Nintendo Entertainment System?

  5. Well the connection with the SNES makes sense, I mean if you look at the Wii the basic shape is similar to the NES except for the size.

    But I honestly don’t believe this article. Has Nintendo ever released two consoles in one year? I’m pretty sure they haven’t (correct me if I’m wrong). Plus it might take the focus away from the 3DS at Christmas time which is not what Nintendo wants.

    Plus IGN hasn’t exactly been doing well with rumors for Nintendo lately. Remember how they claimed Pokemon B/W would have 3D?

    That said I sure hope to god that these rumors are true.

    1. The GBA and Gamecube launched in the same year.

      Also, IGN meant that they’d be shipping from Foxconn to Nintendo in October. They’ll likely wait until H1 2012 to launch. (My money’s on June.)

    1. This isn’t confirmed. Don’t believe it until Nintendo themselves say it. And surely, Nintendo would NOT release the Wii successor this year, with all the 3DS games being released.

      1. then i hope gamecube controllers can be used. can’t play brawl without it! or smash in general.

  6. I’m hoping it’s closer to the $350 end of that expected price range. At $400 it had better do everything possible for a next gen console…and have a good launch roster. The main pro I seeing at the moment is a possible late 2011 release. I’m more willing to drop $350 on something during Christmas time.

  7. I’m really excited for this! I can picture all the hardcore games on PS3 and Xbox that might come to this system like RE5.

  8. $400 just doesn’t sound Nintendo. That would sort of ruin their market. If released at Christmas then they would cannibalise 3DS sales and that price is just silly. I can’t see how a console only slightly more powerful than the PS3 can be sold for $100-$150 more. Extortionate. Still, I can’t quite believe that price so I don’t know why I’m bothering. I’m just going to wait for release.

  9. I’m very skeptical about all of this. I don’t know what to think of the console, and I don’t know what to think about the screen on the controller. What I DO know is that I cannot friggin’ wait for E3. The facts of this, and my thoughts on the system, will have to be postponed until that magical time when Nintendo is on stage, blowing peoples minds.

  10. 400 isn’t too bad. Considering how much the other consoles were a few years ago with the PS3 starting at 500-600. With this console being more powerful than the PS3, this isn’t a bad deal. I can only imagine what the next Xbox and PS4 will be in a couple years. I wonder what Mario will look like in graphics that are slightly better than that of a PS3.

  11. Except IGN said that it could be early October anywhere to early 2012… Besides, none of this has been confirmed, so it could change any moment.

  12. I don’t know why people are bashing on this. First of all, it’s a rumor. Second of all, if this is true, then I don’t know why you’re surprised. Too expensive? People wanted HD, so there you have it. Remember the N64? That had better graphics and was more expensive. The 3DS is way more expensive than the current DSi XL and almost the same price as the PS3. Don’t expect the next PS and Xbox to cost the same as the current systems.

    Also, have you guys considered the possibility of Nintendo having 2 versions? One that looks fancy and has all the popular features such as wi-fi, backwards compatibility, a hard drive, etc. The other one would remove a lot of those and look a bit crappier, but it would be competitive or even cheaper than the PS3. Remember, Nintendo stepped back from the whole HD thing. They focused on replenishing their resources before doing something big. They didn’t do that much money out the gamecube or the N64 even, so they released a Wii. Plus, R&D was more expensive back then. Now they are ready and they also have been studying how the PS3 and 360 have been doing. The 360 became popular with the Core system first, but now that the tech is cheaper, people have adopted the bigger versions as well.

    We’re talking about the most unpredictable company in the industry, Nintendo. They make everyone look like noobs, specially game analysts, when Nintendo doesn’t do what others tell them they should do. Plus, they made s**tload of money out of the Wii from day 1 as well as from their games, royalties from game licensings, accessories, etc.

    The mere fact that this system is rumored to have full 1080p output says something. Most of the 360 games don’t even reach the 720p resolution, which is the start of HD. Then they are upscalated to 720p or 1080i/p. PS3 games run at 720p for the most part and are upscalated to 1080i/p. However, if you’ve played games in PC, running a game in higher resolutions than 720p makes a big different. There’s a difference between a game/movie upscalated to 1080i/p to a game/movie running in native 1080p. That alone should give you an idea of what the system will be capable of. Plus, if the system really is able to stream the games to the controllers, then such a power would be needed.

  13. This article says 2 things incorrectly.

    1. The report shows the Nintendo HD (I’m still calling it that) will be “significantly” more powerful than the 360 or PS3. Just read their specs to see what I mean.

    2. They say a launch will most likely happen early next year (I’m thinking Q2), and the 3DS’ holiday sales need to be taken into account. They wouldn’t launch as early as this article is saying.

  14. I can’t wait, but $350 to $400?! I hope they find a way to lower the price by it’s release date – whenever that is… This economy isn’t doing anybody any good, as many of us know all to well…

  15. Wow, people wanted HD and they get it and now they can’t afford it?

    This price range seems right since there are rumors that the the Cafe is powerful than the 360 and the PS3.

  16. Great, similar specs to the outdated PS3, at the cost of double! (I bought a new ps3 on sale for $200 last xmas)

    From the “leaked information,” the GPU and cpu do not look impressive at all, it might be able to do the same graphics wise for a $400 gaming rig that you could have bought in summer 2008.

    I look forward to this years E3, hopefully Nintendo will have a good showcase of their new system.

  17. I thought electronics were going down in price? Seems like it’s the exact opposite to me for the last 2 years

  18. So it will be slightly more powerful than a console that came out 5 years ago? Wow, impressive /s

  19. Let’s see how it goes. After my initial excitement for the Wii wore off I realized it simply wasn’t that much fun. Add in the lack of quality games for the Wii and it seemed more like a novelty than anything else. I’ve been waiting a long time (since SNES) to see Nintendo get a console just right.

  20. I bet it’s called the stream because it will only have a hard drive and only downloadable content. Then they will offer streaming content from many places as well.

    I mean, given the success of Netflix streaming, perhaps they think its time to go all DLC.

  21. Some of these comments bug me. People want an HD Nintendo console. They want it to be more powerful than the PS3. Café is both of these, plus even more (tablet/touchscreen controllers). Yet people complain about the price. This will be a good console, and probably will be worth the price.

  22. I don’t care if there are limited systems out for launch. I found and bought my Wii on January 27, 2007 at a toy r us. (that’s 2 months after release without evert having to wait in line) I bet I could find the new nintendo system in that time range again even if there was a scarcity of consoles out. The new system should come out this year rather than 2012.

  23. Heh something is telling me that IGN is screwing with us. Not about the Wii 2 specs though… those have been leaked all over the place. But knowing nintendo, that price is waaay out of their range. Probably going to be about 300. Then again I’m just hoping.

  24. I can imagine Reggie saying this at E3: The Nintendo Stream will let you record live streaming of your favorite video gameplay, from your console, your controller and over the internet, and share them with your friends and possibly around the world. And get this: you get to record all of that… in 3D.
    And then the audience goes… ooOO!

    1. LMAO YOU ARE A FUCKING DUMBASS!! XD No games? Red steel, red steel 2, animal crossing city folk, no more heroes, no more heroes 2, super mario galaxy, super mario galaxy 2, new super mario bros wii, donkey kong country returns, kirby’s epic yarn, epic mickey, naruto clash of ninja revolution 1, 2 , and 3, harvest moon tree of tranquility, mario sports mix, 007 golden eye, conduit, mad world, mario super sluggers, legend of zelda: twilight princess, legend of zelda: skyward sword, castlevania: judgement, Punch out, bleach: shattered blade, Sonic colors, AND SOOO MUCH FUCKING MORE This is why wii is #1 in the race get some fucking knowledge moron and odds are taht you reply saying “I dont like those games” are obvious your a sony fanboy who think blood is more amazing than creativity

  25. Everyone is getting all excited and yet, I can’t help but yawn, the price and the specs dont mean jack squat, if they did PS3 would be stronger then it was at launch and that obviously wasn’t the case, the only thing that matters is fantastic games, and the Wii has about as many in its 5 year lifespan as I have fingers on one hand, and that’s pathetic, if Nintendo are wanting t “Re-capture” the hardcore gamer like they say, they need to have great games developed and not turn this console into a shitty novelized console that people bought and forgot a month later like the Wii.

  26. I’ve been a Nintendo fan since i was born and this is the first time i’ve been so hyped up about a Nintendo product since i got a N64!

  27. To the person saying we won’t die in 2012, many people die every year so your comment is invalid.

  28. .. then remove the normal 25% embellishing vapor specs and itl more likely be about as powerful as the xbox 360 and still use DVDs.. if I were a video game company, I would be buying out HD DVD for peanuts…

  29. Iwata said that the Project Cafe will NOT release before 2012 April so IGN sorry but you failed at this time :)

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