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Nintendo Wii 2: Developers Say What They Would Like From The Nintendo Wii 2 (Project Cafe)

Gaming publication Industry Gamers have quizzed numerous game developers to find out what they would love to see from Nintendo’s successor to the Wii. Nintendo have already confirmed that the console is in development and that the machine will be playable at this years E3 event which takes place in Los Angeles during June.

Steve Couture, Frima Games, CEO

“Without a doubt, my first request would be for an improved digital marketplace more along the lines of XBLA and PSN. We’d love to be able to offer downloadable titles for Nintendo fans in a more user and publisher friendly environment. Two additional possibilities that we’d love to look at would be a camera for augmented reality and stereoscopic 3D.”

Ole Teglbjaerg, Press Play, Director

“I think our wishes are pretty basic. We’d love more processing power, which is essential, and a better GPU as well. Aside from that I think the key to success would be to improve the whole shop system.”

Dave Castelnuovo, Bolt Creative

“My biggest wish would be for Nintendo to open up development to everyone just like on iOS. It’s obvious that it will never happen but I might as well wish big. At the very least, they could make it easier for indie developers to make games on the new device and have a better, more thought out digital store.”

“As far as hardware goes, It would be nice if you didn’t need a separate dev kit to make games for it – that you have the ability to develop right on the retail version of the device.”

“From the consumer perspective, I’m sure Nintendo will put lots of interesting bells and whistles on the device. The iPad-like controller sure sounds interesting (although a little expensive if I need to buy 4 controllers for multiplayer).”

Denis Dyack, Silicon Knights, President

I’m always excited about a new console from Nintendo because I know they’re going to innovate somehow and do something creative. They never fail to do that. On top of that, their games are always fantastic and I just can’t wait to play their games so it comes hand in hand. So those are the things that I’m – I know it’s not anything specific on a tech basis, but those [tech] things excite me far less than some of the innovations and some of the games that Nintendo’s going to make. So that’s what I look for from Nintendo – something new and fresh, something of very high quality. That’s what gets me excited.

– Industry Gamers


9 thoughts on “Nintendo Wii 2: Developers Say What They Would Like From The Nintendo Wii 2 (Project Cafe)”

  1. this would be more valid had it been: Epic, Kojima Productions, Bungie, Rockstar, Valve, DICE, Netherealms, etc.

  2. Yea got to agree with these guy’s this thing has to be stronger,faster and far more superior from our current gen console’s. If they want to be a contender with the future PS4/Xbox720. The one thing I really want to see is a Trailer for a game like Bioshock or Red dead redemption and know that it will be for Nintendo’s new console.

  3. Silicon Knights’ anecdotal is the one I most agree with. Innovation and quality products/games is what counts the most. Not cpu power, although that is important. to a degree.

  4. You know, I don’t think anyone is thinking about the multiplayer element. Why are we limited to only four controllers? Probably because it’s hard to fit more boxes into one screen, and processor power. The “SuperWii” solves both those problems, with a single screen for each player and a lot of raw power. If Nintendo can forgo some of their profits (still make a profit but not at the incredible margin it’s at today) and make the controller affordable it would work wonders.

  5. The hell is wrong with the shop?
    …Oh. After some research, I found out the first three are lowly iPhone game developers. Why bother asking people like them about game consoles? All they do is monetize Flash games, they couldn’t understand the true meaning of a new game console.

    SK’s response seems vague, but it doesn’t set them up for disappointment. Backing my earlier point, this response is the only one in this article that makes any sense regarding Nintendo’s console.

    …Seriously, did Castelnuovo do any research before saying “iPad-like controller”?

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